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Youtube Channel SEO Tips from GalileoTechMedia

Youtube Channel SEO Tips from GalileoTechMedia

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Last week GalileoTechMedia.com published a video that Michael Zittel wrote and produced for them. It is a lengthy work that has many step by step screenshots / video clearly illustrating 9 primary things every YouTube channel owner can do to improve their search engine optimization. To learn more, watch the video, or the full article here: https://galileotechmedia.com/youtube-seo-tips

YouTube Channel SEO Tips : Short List

  1. Optimize Your YouTube Channel Name
  2. Complete Your YouTube Channel Profile
  3. Utulize Custom YouTube Channel Trailer(s)
  4. Create Targeted Keyword Playlists
  5. Verify Your YouTube Account - Very Important!
  6. Add Channel Tags / Keywords:
  7. Add your Google Analytics Account ID
  8. Allow Other Channel Recommendations
  9. Pre-populate and Optimize YouTube Video Default Settings

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