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Financial Advisor SEO Audit Baltimore

Financial Advisor SEO Audit Baltimore

Financial Advisor SEO Audit Baltimore

Score: B (5 Errors / 6 Warnings)

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From the 22 data points we audited on the home page of this financial advisor website in Baltimore, there were 5 errors and 6 warnings. In this summary article we will look at the errors and make recommendations the target site can use to improve their search engine optimization. If you would like to see the full report, just sign up and download. It is free.

Current ranking for targeted keyword phrase "Baltimore Financial Advisor" :

Keyword phrase: Baltimore financial advisor

Ranking: Page 2 in Google out of 922K pages competing for the targeted keyword phrase.

Search engine ranking results for Financial Advisor in Baltimore, MD

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Meta Description Tag:

This financial website is missing a meta description on the home page.

Seo Tip: Given that the home page is usually the most seen page in the search engines, it is highly recommended to include a custom meta description. If one is not provided, Google will make one based on the content found on the site. In this case, Google shows searchers the following website description:

"Legend Membership. As the most comprehensive offering, Legend Membership delves into all components of your financial plan, accompanied by one-on-one coaching and accountability meetings. LEARN MORE ..."

This is not ideal. The auto-generated description seen in the Google search results is clunky, grammatically incorrect, not brand enhancing and likely a turn off. Ideally, we recommend they use, at least, the bolded, italicized text directly from their home page which is above the fold.

"Script Financial is a fee-only financial planning firm dedicated to helping pharmacists and young professionals meet their financial goals"

Doing so would likely increase their click through ratio, which ultimately would improve their search engine ranking.

Alt Tags on Images

Presently, the home page does not use ALT tags on 8 images found on the home page of their financial advisor website.

SEO Tip: Add alt tags to images and sparingly weave in target keyword phrases if appropriate.

Text/HTML ratio:

The text to html ration on this page is 8.27%. This is not ideal. Most high ranking websites have a ratio of 15%, or better.

SEO Tip: Add more text to the homepage. The web master should also conduct a competitor analysis to see what the ratio is for the top ranked websites.

Schema (Micro-format Markup)

The home page does not utilize schema.org mark up.

SEO Tip: Considering this a local Baltimore company, the very minimum Schema mark up that should be added is the Organizational tags. Here is a link to the organizational mark up guide: http://schema.org/Organization

XML Site Map Missing

Our tool reports that this site, even though it is Wordpress website, is missing a standard XML site map.

Seo Tip: Utilize XML site maps to help Google find your content.

Google Analytics:

This site does not have Google Analytics installed.

SEO tip: Using Google analytics is great way to learn about your website traffic, source, users, etc. GA also integrates with Google web master tools. Combined, web masters can glean extensive insights to their SERP, links, content marketing, CTR, etc.

This report was generated by SEMrush and modified by Serr.biz. Under the fair use doctrine, we have reviewed the website in this report from a technical SEO point of view. All statements and recommendations expressed in this publication are that of Serr.biz LLC and are OPINION and NOT statements of fact.