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Local Contractor SEO Audit - Baltimore

Local Contractor SEO Audit - Baltimore


Local Contractor SEO Audit - Baltimore

Score: A- ( 2 errors - 6 warnings)

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This basement remodeling contractor, based in Ellicott City, but serving Baltimore, has fairly decent search engine optimization for their home page. Though, they do not specifically target the search phrase on their home page, it did show up on page 3.

Contractor SEO Audit: Video Overview

Current SERP for target keyword phrase : Baltimore basement remodel


SEO Audit Summary:

Of the 22 points we checked with our SEO audit tool only threw back fairly nominal errors. The biggest issue being the lack of a meta description, which does not specifically count in the Google search ranking algorithm, but does effect click-through ration which does effect SERP. The other issue is a lack of H1 - H3 tags. So, it's curious this site does not rank better for the search phrase "basement remodel Baltimore". Now, there are a few more items the report showed which could be improved. They are as follows.

Title Tag:

Their title tag is a little over the recommend limit of 70 characters

SEO Tip: Reduce title tag to no more than 70 characters

Text to HTML Ratio:

Their ratio is 18.6%, which is not bad.

SEO Tip: They might want to add more content after conducting a competitor audit.

Twitter Cards:

The site does use Twitter Cards, but should the Twitter Card validation tool shows there is not engaging or brand enhancing image. Additionally, there is no "description" in the Twitter card. Most likely this is due to the fact the site does not have meta descriptions, which is where most Twitter descriptions are pulled from dynamically.

SEO Tip: Check how Twitter cards are generated on the site, write custom meta description / twitter descriptions.

Google Amp:

We were unable to detect Google Amp.

SEO Tip: Use Google Amp to get a little extra exposure in the search engines even if your website is responsive.

Additional thoughts on how this local contractor can improve their search engine optimization:

Now, even though this site does have fairly good on page SEO, a little tweaking will help. But, will that move the site from 3rd page of the search results to first? Most likely not. We took a little deeper look. They have channel within their site for basement remodeling. We suspect they will need to optimize that page as well as conduct a content marketing campaign to increase their basement remodeling content. If they do so, plus expand content to include YouTube videos of their work, as well as work on getting more back links from relevant sites like Houzz, etc, then we believe they could effectively compete for basement remodeling Baltimore, as well as their other services.

This report was generated by SEMrush and modified by Serr.biz. Under the fair use doctrine, we have reviewed the website in this report from a technical SEO point of view. All statements and recommendations expressed in this publication are that of Serr.biz LLC and are OPINION and NOT statements of fact.