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Washington DC seo for associations : Manufacturer

Washington DC seo for associations : Manufacturer

Washington DC seo for associations : Manufacturer

Score: B-

Out of 22 on page elements reviewed, our SEO audit tool recorded 4 errors and 8 warnings for improvement for this manufacturing association based in Washington, DC. The term used to find them in Google was "Manufacturing Leadership Program". Though this site has a variety of issues, they have a seriously strong back-link popularity profile. It is so strong, it outweighs many of their minor technical errors and lack of in-depth content. According to MOZ they have a domain authority of 74 and over 24 million back-links from over 3,000 separate domains. So, even though they have technical search engine optimization problems, they still show up in the top ten of the search engines for their targeted term.

Don't fix it if it ain't broke! Not True!

Though that's a fine saying, but in todays world it's not really good enough to be "top ten". As you can see from the screen shot, they are way down below the fold, and in mobile, even further down. So, even though they have top ten ranking, we recommend they consider the minor adjustments to try to move into the top position. Given their current DA, and back-links, the minor adjustments should produce top 5 results in 30-60 days.

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Current organic ranking for target keyword phrase in Google

Keyword: Manufacturing Leadership Program

Ranking: Page 1 in Google out of 7.1 million pages related to "Manufacturing Leadership Program".

Watch video summary of the DC seo for associations : Manufacturer

Watch video on Youtube:https://youtu.be/R2_uIrwRA4U

Meta description analysis:

Though this site does use the meta description tag, it is not optimized. They are only using 86 characters out of a possible to 160-300.

*SEO Tip: We suggest utilizing this important meta tag with target words, and using active tense verbs. For example: "Nams specifically designed executive leadership program, helps manufacturing executives achieve success through networking and effective policy change lobbying."

Meta Keyword Tag

Oddly, this page has a meta keyword tag with the phrase "webpage" in it. This is completely irrelevant, but it doesn't matter. The entire keyword tag should be removed.

SEO Tip: Do not use meta keyword tags at all, anywhere. Google ignores them and Bing seems them as spam. * We checked Bing for the keyword phrase and the target website is not seen in the top ten search results at all.

USE of Heading Tags for Search Optimization

H1 (1 ), H2 (0), H3 (2), H4 (15), HS (0), H6 (0)
<H 1 >: Manufacturing Executive Leadership Program
<H3>: Inside This Section
<H3>: Inside This Section
<H4>: Issues
<H4>: Get Involved
<H4>: For The Press
<H4>: #WeAreMFG
<H4>: Data
<H4>: Reports
<H4>: Join the NAM
<H4>: Get Involved
<H4>: Affiliated Associations
<H4>: Manufacturing Institute
<H4>: Member Business Services
<H4>: Part One: October 17-19, 2017 in Washington, D.C.
<H4>: Part Two: January 2018-May 2018 (Three Webinars)
<H4>: Part Three: June 2018, in conjunction with the NAM's Manufacturing Summit
in Washington, D.C.
<H4>: National Association of Manufacturers

SEO Tip: This site does use header tags, but most are wasted on generic, nominally targeted phrases. They also are not using the H2 tag. Their web designer should modify the design to use targeted topics and include more header tags within the actual content to add seo juice to the body content.

Use and Validate SCHEMA

This page does not use schema.org tags.

You can validate your markup with the Google Structured Data Testing Tool.

SEO Tips: Google STRONGLY encourages all websites to employ Schema.org markup tags. Given this is an established manufacturing association website, Google will likely be thrilled to see them use Schema.org tags to improve Google's understanding of the page. In general, we find most sites that garner Google featured snippets have Schema.org mark up of one kind or another.

Social Tag Markup

Open Graph : This site does not use OpenGraph.

You can validate your markup with the Facebook Object Debugger tool.

Twitter Card: This page does not have any Twitter Cards. You can validate your cards with the Twitter Card validator tool.

SEO Tips: Implement Open Graph and Twitter Cards to sure brand messaging when people share your content. Additionally, the use of social cards bulks up data in the code which Google does look at.

Mobile compliance :

This site is responsive, which is good. However, there does not seem to be any "Amp" pages. This is an easy fix for Joomla and Wordpress websites.

SEO Tips: AMP (Accelerated Mobile Pages), a markup created by Google. It is a good SEO idea to use AMP not just for SEO purposes, but for your mobile users.

This report was generated by SEMrush and modified by Serr.biz. Under the fair use doctrine, we have reviewed the website in this report from a technical SEO point of view. All statements and recommendations expressed in this publication are that of Serr.biz LLC and are OPINION and NOT statements of fact.

Additional Search Phrases To Use When Expanding Content / Topics:

manufacturing leadership training
manufacturing leadership development program
manufacturing supervisor training program
manufacturing certification program

SEO Content Tip: When expanding content of this page, it is advisable to use the above phrases, if relevant, within the body copy and/or as supporting topic pages pointing back to the parent page. To learn more about SEO content development view our services page >>