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Fairfax VA Dentist seo : FairfaxDentistVa.com Review

Fairfax VA Dentist seo : FairfaxDentistVa.com Review

Fairfax VA Dentist seo : FairfaxDentistVa.com Review

Score: A-

Out of 22 on page elements reviewed, our SEO audit tool recorded 2 errors and 9 warnings for improvement for FairfaxDentistVa.com. The term used to find them in Google was "Fairfax Dentist VA". We gave this site and A- even though it has plenty of warning and one serious error. The reason is, despite the warnings and the old school keyword dense domain name, it does have first page ranking for a keyword variation, which you will see further down in the report. Also, the one "serious" error, is a pretty easy fix.

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Current organic ranking for target keyword phrase in Google

Keyword Phrase: "Fairfax VA Dentist".

Ranking: Page NA in Google out of 302 million pages related to "&airfax VA Dentist".

*Target website is number 1 in Google maps if the search phrase is adjusted to "&airfax Dentist VA". However, they are still missing from the non-map search results.

Watch video summary of the &airfax Dentist seo : Manufacturer

Watch video on Youtube:https://www.youtube.com/embed/I58oz7wUUKA

Meta description analysis:

Though this site does use the meta description tag, it is not optimized and a bit spam with &airfax mentioned 6 times.

*SEO Tip: The meta description tag on this page is slightly over the character limit of 300. They have 304. This is not the end of the world, but it should be trimmed. As we mentioned &airfax is mentioned six times. We suggest rewriting to be a truly informative description with a call to action. Google and people hate spam.

Meta Keyword Tag

This site uses meta keywords.

SEO Tip: Do not use meta keyword tags at all, anywhere, ever. Google says they ignore them and Bing seems them as spam. We also believe Google will penalize you if you use it and spam out the keyword tag.

USE of Heading Tags for Search Optimization

<H1 >: Dental Implants in Fairfax - FREE Exam
<H 1 >: 703-359-9080
<H3>: Our Services
<H3>: Patient information
<H3>: Before After Gallery
<H3>: Dental Implants
<H3>: Need an Implant Dentist?
<H3>: Cosmetic Dentistry
<H3>: Need a Cosmetic Dentist?
<H3>: Emergency Dentistry in Oakton Fairfax
<H3>: Got a Dental Emergency?
<H3>: Tooth Pain
<H3>: Need a Dentist for that Toothache?
<H4>: V. V. Sofer DMD, PhD Implant Dentist near Oakton thousands implants placed
and restored over 22 years. Dental Emergencies all week and weekends.
<H4>: We are a dental office with good reputation located near Oakton and Fairfax
with experienced and academically established dentist Dr. Victor Sofer DMD PhD
with multiple articles in well known dental publications such as American..

SEO Tip: This site does use header tags, on the homepage they have spammed out the h4 tag. The content inside the h4 tag should be limited to true headings, not content that should be in a <p> tag. Additionally, they should optimize the header tags to reference the target keyword phrase at least once.

Image Alt Tags

There are 9 images on the homepage of this dentist site that do not have ALT tags.

SEO Tip: User ALT tag to increase usability and provide more text to the page. Be careful NOT to spam the tags with to many keywords. Alt tag are great place to use variations.

Text/HTML ratio

The current ratio of text to html is 24.6%. Not bad, but we prefer to have 30% or more.

SEO tip: Content is still king. Be sure you have enough to beat your competitors and stay in the top ten.

Use and Validate SCHEMA

This page does uses schema.org tags.

You can validate your markup with the Google Structured Data Testing Tool.

SEO Tips: Because this site is a Wordpress site, it has schema tags by default. However, we would advise modifying the tags to fully optimize the page. At the very least, include a Schema location tag.

Social Tag Markup

Open Graph : This site does not use OpenGraph.

You can validate your markup with the Facebook Object Debugger tool.

Twitter Card: This page does not have any Twitter Cards. You can validate your cards with the Twitter Card validator tool.

SEO Tips: Implement Open Graph and Twitter Cards to assure correct brand messaging when people share your website content. Additionally, Google does look at the data related to social cards.

Mobile compliance :

This site is responsive, which is good. However, there are no "Amp" pages. This is an easy fix Wordpress websites.

SEO Tips: AMP (Accelerated Mobile Pages) is a custom markup created by Google to help mobile users. It is a good SEO idea to use AMP for SEO purposes and for your mobile users.


This site is missing a robots.txt file. Easy fix.


Our tool did not detect a sitemap.xml, which generally indicates the site is not connect to Google Search Console. The site does use Google Analytics, but is missing out on additional data from GSC. GSC can provide some very good information for making data-driven decisions.

This report was generated by SEMrush and modified by Serr.biz. Under the fair use doctrine, we have reviewed the website in this report from a technical SEO point of view. All statements and recommendations expressed in this publication are that of Serr.biz LLC and are OPINION and NOT statements of fact.

Additional Search Phrases To Use When Expanding Content / Topics:

best dentist Fairfax

Fairfax dentist

dentists in Fairfax VA

Fairfax dentist main street

Fairfax dentist reviews

dentist main st Fairfax VA

dentist 22033

dentist Fairfax open Saturdays

SEO Content Tip: When expanding content of this page, use the above phrases, if relevant, within the body copy as supporting headline topics. They can also be used as blog post pages pointing back to the parent page. To learn more about SEO content development view our services page >>