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Glen Burnie Car Dealer SEO Audit

Glen Burnie Car Dealer SEO Audit

Glen Burnie Car Dealer SEO Audit

On May 15th, 2017 we ran a lite seo audit for a car dealer in Glen Burnie, MD. Their domain name reflects their brand name and also contains a partial keyword: "auto".

At present they do not have any ranking for the generic search term, "Glen Burnie car dealer". According to Google Adwords, "car dealer" is a three times more popular search phrase vs "auto sales", which is what their home page title keywords target. For the search term "Glen Burnie auto sales" they also have no SERP.

*Curiously, there are no paid advertisers for either of the geo specific search phrases. The estimated cost per click for the two phrase range from $0.65 to $1.34. If nothing else, we recommend this car dealer website initiate a low budget, permanent PPC campaign for their target GEO terms as we find the combination of PPC and SEO wins every time.

Car Dealer Technical SEO Corrections Needed:

Regarding the technical seo aspects, they need to resolve the following errors.

1) Missing meta description. A unique meta description always improves CTR, which effects SEO and SERP.

2) Though the site properly uses header tags, they could be optimized for more relevant keywords such as "Glen Burnie Car Dealer".

3) Some images on the site are missing alt tags.

4) The Text to HTML ratio is low at just 9.65%, while best practices target 15% or more.

5) Site does not utilize AMP.

They had passing grades on the other data points which include:

Title, canonical, no meta keywords, iframes, schema, open graph, twitter card, view port, robots.txt, site map, language, doc type, encoding, Google analytics and a Favicon.

Additionally, they use ssl (https), which is good.

Additional SEO Issues For This Glen Burnie Car Dealer

However, their back links are mostly comprised of redirect domains. One of which leads to mostly 404 pages. This is not ideal. Additionally, we peeked at their source code and their header content is massive. The closing </head> does not happen until line 406, but it worse than that. There are many other "lines" of embedded css code which do not contain a line break and actually extend the header content down past line 1000. This means Google has to parse extensive amounts of code before getting to the body text. They are also missing a robots index, follow tag.

Glen Burnie SEO Audit Summary:

We recommend this car dealer establish a geo-target PPC campaign, correct their on-site technical seo issues, review their redirect domains, conduct a full seo technical audit, back link audit and initiate an on and off-site content marketing campaign.

This report was generated by SEMrush and modified by Serr.biz. Under the fair use doctrine, we have reviewed the website in this report from a technical SEO point of view. All statements and recommendations expressed in this publication are that of Serr.biz LLC and are OPINION and NOT statements of fact.


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