3 New YouTube Video Business Cards - Brand SEO Case Study

3 New YouTube Video Business Cards - Brand SEO Case Study

Last week Serr.biz produced 3 new video business cards for local business owners in the Annapolis Maryland area. Below you can view each VBC and see additional brand SEO notes. If you are ready to start utilizing YouTube video marketing to increase your digital brand footprint and SEO, call us to schedule your video business card appointment.

Doris Lynch of The Williams Home Team - Annapolis Real Estate Agent

Doris Lynch visited our studio and after a couple of takes, we got a clean good recording of her pitch. The most important message she wanted to emphasize in this first video business card is the fact her group gives back up to 20% of their real estate sales commissions to civil servants such as police, firefighters, military, nurses, teachers, etc.

Watch on Youtube : https://youtu.be/mYDxnCBLQfs

SEO / Brand Messaging Impact:
In less than 1 hour after publication on YouTube, the Doris Lynch real estate agent video business card showed up in Google in the top ten when searching for the brand name of "The Williams Home Team". Additionally, when searching in YouTube directly for the generic term, "Annapolis real estate agent" her video was number one.

Magdalena DiZeppa - Annapolis Acupuncture - Bay Ridge Neighborhood

We shot this video on location at Vitality Acupuncture and Wellness located at 914 Bay Ridge, Annapolis MD. We ran through her script a few times while setting up the shoot. Once Magdalena became comfortable with the camera, we recorded it in the actual space vs using green screen.

Watch on YouTube : https://youtu.be/lnonnKQUPsM

SEO / Brand Messaging Impact:
With no additional promotion of the video besides publication on YouTube, Magdalena's video achieved top ten ranking Google organic search for the hyper local term "Acupuncture Annapolis Bay Ridge". Additionally, it shows up in the video search results of Google for the term "Acupuncture Annapolis". For the same term it is currently number 1 in YouTube.com.

Cheryl Miller : New York Life Insurance Agent Annapolis, Maryland

Being a little camera shy, Cheryl Miller, a life insurance agent for New York Life, chose to just record a voice over at our studio. Her primary message point is to raise awareness that caregivers, not just breadwinners, need life insurance. After recording her voice over, we utilized motion graphics and stock video to produce her super short video business card, which she loved! She has now started sharing it in her social networks and intends to include a link to it in her email signature, which is a very good practice for all people who have video business cards.

Watch on YouTube: https://youtu.be/NTsPxVrVhmU

SEO Impact / Brand Messaging
In just a couple days 3 days from posting (that's the soonest we checked), Cheryl's video was number 1 in Youtube for the local search term "Life insurance agent Annapolis MD". Additionally, we found her in the top ten of Google search results for the quoted search "life insurance agent" Annapolis.

Search Note: Search results will vary for everyone based on personal search history / location / bookmarks, etc. However, a continued and sustained video marketing campaign, even if just one video a week, builds enough official brand back links and exposure to create dominance for targeted local search. Additionally, for all video business card clients, we strongly recommend they embed the video on their websites and promote the video through their own social. Doing so will create permanence for their ranking as well as strengthen brand awareness.

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