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Boost Insider - Legit or Scam?

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Boost Insider - Real or Scam?

While surfing about today we came across Boost Insider and thought we'd give it a try. They are a PPC and CPA marketing platform that pays "social influencers" to drive traffic and sales to their various marketing clients. (At the time of writing, from what we can find on their site, the highest pay out is $12.50 per sign up for a dry cleaning service in San Francisco.) In shor,t it is an affiliate marketing platform geared toward social media users. There are a number of such programs and affiliate marketing platforms. We've tried such programs in the past. Other than Google Adsense, we have rarely been paid for driving traffic and sales. There is usually some technicality as to why the publisher does not want to pay. However, one in one hundred programs actually work. So, we are testing Boost Insider. You can too. If you want to make money for promoting items you like and that are relevant to your audience, try Boost Insider. Let us know the results. We will also share our experience as time goes on.

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Boostinsider - We are influencers! from Boostinsider on Vimeo.

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