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Contractor video marketing

Contractor seo video marketing case study

Our client, AskAHandyManServices.com successfully used their first construction video to build trust with prospective customers, increase social engagement and gain new clients in their local county. Though the video specifically illustrated the installation of a coffer ceiling, it more than fulfilled its goal as the stats below illustrate.

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Video social engagement:

The video in Facebook reached over 1,400 people, received over 500 views, 210 engagements including 31 likes and 18 shares. *The video was NOT "boosted". It's engagement was organic. Serr.biz did push it through its social network but not one penny was spent on advertising.

Contractor video marketing case study - Facebook social media marketing stats.

Contractor SEO Results

In addition to the primary goal of increasing brand awareness and social engagement, the video also boosted their search engine ranking and positioning in Google. If you search Google for the highly targeted keyword phrase "Coffer ceiling Annapolis" the video shows up in the top ten.

Contractor video marketing - Coffered ceiling - SEO SERP result

Additionally, if you search Google Videos for "Annapolis home remodeling" the video also shows up in the top ten.

If you search "Annapolis home remodeling" in Google IMAGE search, you'll find the cover image of the YouTube video as well.

Local Contractor YouTube SEO

Because of the optimization we did when posting the remodeling video to YouTube, the video shows up in the top ten of YouTube search for the following terms:

"Coffer ceiling Annapolis"
"Annapolis coffered ceiling"
"Annapolis home remodeling"
"Home remodeling Annapolis"


Utilizing construction video marketing in Facebook and YouTube boosts social media engagement and organic search results for highly competitive terms like "home remodeling". The search phrase "home remodeling"costs up to $11.49 per click in Google Adwords. As a general rule, paid per click marketing would typical have a conversion rate of 2%. That means, it could cost about $574 for one lead. That's more than the cost of our starter package which can be used forever as part of a contractors marketing strategy. Additionally, since construction and home remodeling jobs often require one or more in-person meetings, we strongly recommend that contractors convert their videos into print video brochures to further maximize their investment and ROI. In short, contractor video marketing works and is highly cost effective, especially compared to Adwords pay per click marketing.

Client Review

5 Star
"Working with Mike was a pleasure. Very professional. He did a great video shoot. Looking forward to working with him again in the future."
-Rob Elliott - Ask A Handyman Services, Annapolis MD.

Ready to start video marketing?

Check out our starter package below.

Construction video marketing starter package.

1) A photo montage video up to 1 minute long. Video will have either your company representative on camera or professional voice over narration with motion graphic titles. *On site videography is also available but pricing may vary. Video marketing examples >>

2) Inclusion of logo (Custom logo intro options available)

3) All editing.

4) Delivery of video in HD format (1920x1080). It will be YouTube and Facebook ready. It can also be modified into the Instagram TV vertical format if you have an Instagram account. *All contractors should have an Instagram account.

5) Promotion of video through the Serr.biz LLC social network of over 14K followers including Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Instagram, LinkedIn, and Pinterest.

6) Press release blog post on Serr.biz of new video. Blog post will include embedded video along with direct links to client website and social media profiles.

7) 30 day social engagement and SEO report.

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