How does video help SEO?

Here is the script for those who prefer to read.

Script of explainer video : How does video help seo?

(Male voice over)

"There are two key elements of SEO.

1) Readable unique content.
2) Quality, relevant back links. (Inbound links from 3rd party websites that have relevant content to your website.)

Video is unique content.

What about back links? That's where YouTube and other social media platforms come in.YouTube is the most important from an SEO POV. YouTube is MOST important because Google owns YouTube and the Google Bot quickly
reads and indexes your new VIDEO content. Additionally, you've effectively given Google NEW UNIQUE CONTENT.And, Google LIKES to show it's OWN content FIRST because they sell advertisement around it.

However, you benefit because your UNIQUE VIDEO is seen above your competitors websites. This is a Win - Win !!

Now, if you are savvy, you ADD A DIRECT LINK from your video description to YOUR WEBSITE. And, vice versa. You cannot get much more of a RELEVANT back link than from your branded YouTube channel and other social profiles.

And finally, you EMBED your video DIRECTLY
into your website. This makes your website more "sticky" which means
customers spend more time on your page. Stickiness is another factor in SEO."

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