Trade show photo booth rental Maryland - - Video Marketing

Trade show photo booth rental Maryland - - Video Marketing

In this Maryland marketing video by, Angela from explains how to convert visitors at corporate tradeshows into warm leads by using modern, free standing, open photo booths provided by her company. People literally stand in line to take single and group photos. In turn, they enter their phone and email. Then, the photos are sent directly to them. Every photo is branded with your company logo and other information. And, of course, what do people do with their new photos? They share them in social of course, which leverages visitors social network to build your brand. Additionally, since the user provided their name, email and phone number, you get all that information and now have a warm lead who has a happy feeling about your brand. Personally, I can't wait to test her services at my next big trade show. It's going to be GREAT!

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This video was recorded at the green screen studio using a two camera angle set up. Audio was recorded separately and edited all together in Adobe Premiere. If you are ready to get started with video marketing, contact us for a free consultation.