New cause marketing video for Haven

New cause marketing video for Haven

In this marketing video Taryn Chase invites local business owners to enjoy a free lunch and learn and in exchange, Taryn requests a few moments to explain the benefits of cause marketing with Haven Ministries. Haven Ministries is the only cold weather homeless shelter on the Eastern Shore. They also have food pantries and a thrift store. When you become a corporate sponsor or even just an individual donor, you gain access to a wide audience of donors and do a good thing. To learn more about cause marketing visit Haven Ministries or contact Taryn Chase.

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Video production and marketing notes

This marketing video was shot at the LLC green room in Annapolis, Maryland. It utilizes a two camera set up, green screen and motion graphics to deliver its message. If you would like to start using video in your marketing, contact us.

Social media video marketing stats

In 24 hours after publication to Facebook, the video reached over 500 people, had 13 shares ( did share through it's network), and 62 engagements. The client also will be embedding the video on their website and be utulizing it in conjunction with their out reach efforts.

Facebook Screen Shot - 2h hours after intial publication

Facebook stats 24 hours after publication

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