Real Estate Networking Annapolis - An Event Video Marketing Case study

Real Estate Networking Annapolis - An Event Video Marketing Case study

March 1st 2019, LLC presented at a real estate networking event in Annapolis, Maryland. The event was hosted by Mark Saros of He is a mortgage advisor with Severn Bank. The "lunch and learn" event took place in the conference room of Severn Bank at 200 Westgate Circle, Annapolis. presented a variety of tips about making video with a cell phone. This topic was of particular interest in the real estate community as not every property merits a professional video. However, every real estate agent should learn the basic of cell phone videography (and photography) so they can gain more exposure for their properties in the social networks. Below are the videos we made related to the event.

Pre-event promotional marketing video

In this video, Mark Saros invites his audience, primarily real estate agents and brokers, to attend. Though the video was not used as the Facebook event cover, it was shared in Facebook as a stand alone video post and did generate a very solid response. So much so, the day of the event we had to bring in extra chairs to accommodate all who attended.

What's your favorite movie - shareable video?

Being well versed in network marketing, Mark likes to break the ice by having everyone introduce themselves by saying their names, company, and their favorite movie. In this video, we featured most of the real estate agents who attended.

*At the time of writing this article, the Favorite Movie video has not been promoted or shared in social media by either or Mark Saros. Eventually, it will be shared and every real estate agent listed will be "tagged". Tagging people in your videos (and photos) greatly increases potential engagement and shares. Who does not check out social items where they have been tagged? In the case of Anchor Banker, it is a wonderfully "passive" way to keep his brand in front of his network base.

Re-cap event marketing video:

Lastly, we created a post event recap video which Anchor Banker shared intially, and was re-shared by in Facebook.

Even the recap video garnered a decent amount of engagement . Mark Saros shared this video and tagged numerous attendees as a direct post to his Facebook page, and also in various Facebook groups.

Social Result of Event Video Marketing:

From two video shoots, one at the green screen studio, and one at the live event, this real estate networking event video reached over 700 people, had over 500 views, and numerous likes and comments.

SEO Results:

Additionally, on the SEO side, the YouTube videos can be found for terms like "Real estate networking Annapolis", which now firmly establishes Mark Saros, as a real estate networking leader in the area. How many new real estate agents will this put Mark in front of? If you conduct networking events, and properly promote, share and optimize your videos, how many new clients will you garner in your niche by being in the top ten of Google?


By adding video to event marketing, companies greatly improve their social engagement, potential audience and can establish long term search engine ranking if properly integrated with their over all search engine optimization strategy.