Maryland Dyslexia Summer Camp - Video Marketing - Case Study - Review

Maryland Dyslexia Summer Camp - Video Marketing - Case Study - Review

Summer Camp Video Marketing Overview produced these dyslexia summer camp marketing videos for The Summit School in Edgewater, Maryland. Two are info-commercial videos shot on green screen with motion graphics added in post production. We used a two camera set up and fed the speaker each line. This eliminates the "teleprompter" feel and makes the presentation more genuine, even for non-performers. The other two are simple review / testimonial videos from happy parents who effectively give the camp a 5 star review. The review videos were also shot on green screen and the background was inserted in post production. Shooting the 4 videos took about 5 hours at the green screen studio.

Dyslexia Summer Camp Video Commercials

Maryland dyslexia summer camp - Ditch Summer Slide from Michael Zittel on Vimeo.

 Info-Commercial Summer Camp Videos:

1) Ditch Summer Slide : Watch on Youtube >> Vimeo >>

2) Avoid Summer Slide : Watch on Youtube >> Vimeo >>

Dyslexia Summer Camp Review / Testimonial videos

1) Meghan B Review : Watch on YouTube >> Vimeo >>

2) Michelle H Review : Watch on YouTube >> Vimeo >>

Summer Camp Video Marketing & SEO Notes

After production, we advised Summit to post the videos through out their social network and wrote custom SEO titles / descriptions as a guideline to help them maximize their search engine and social exposure. Being academics, they of course, will want to adjust language to fit their brand.

The basic rule for YouTube, and general SEO rules when posting videos are as follows.

1) Conduct keyword research to determine what people actually search vs what you "think" people search. Sometimes, as in this case, target keywords do match.

Googles Adwords keyword tool showed the following.

As you can see in the screen shot above, the core terms we suspected people searched did have search volume. But, there were 4 more relevant variations which should be utilized by making specific videos addressing each term.

2) Based on keywords, write UNIQUE titles and descriptions which use those terms.

3) Include #hastags of the target terms in the description field

4) Use the same words from the hashtags in the "tag" field of Youtube and other platforms that allow "tags".

5) Include a link in the description fields to your website landing page. Ideally, the target landing page should have the primary keyword in the page title and headline text, as well as the body copy. Additionally, the sub.headers should match the video titles. The body copy should also include the individual keywords targeted. In this case dyslexia, summer, camp, Maryland.


6) On the landing page, include the video as a YouTube embed. Or, a Vimeo embed. In either instance, include a LINK back to the specific YouTube video. This helps Google, and humans, associate the YouTube channel with the parent website.

*Vimeo provides a better platform for hosting videos than YouTube. They do not insert ads and the publisher has more control over embed functions, calls to action etc.

7) Follow the same advice for posting to Facebook, Twitter, etc.

Facebook Video Marketing Stats

Also, the "Summer Slide" video was posted on Facebook and had over 1,000 views, 19 shares, 18 likes, and 3 comments. As the campaign ramps up and the video titles and descriptions are optimized for SEO, we anticipate the YouTube videos will attain top ten ranking in Google as well as drive more organic traffic to their website. More traffic, of course, means more clients.

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Video Marketing Client Review

"Mike helped us with a Summer Camp video. He was easy to work with and had great suggestions during the shoot. Turnaround time was one day! We're looking forward to working on future projects together!"

Jessica Palmeri - Marketing Director at The Summit School
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