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Sale Price Tactic - Increase price during sale

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Sale price increase with each purchase

This is interesting. Over at UnitedByJoomla.com, they are having a bundled package sale of geek related things. The price itself is good, if need the items, but what's interesting is the sales tactic. They have super low price that increases by one dollar with every purchase. Hmm. What a tactic! Though I don't need the specific product offering, I felt a tinge of "hurry up and buy" before the price increases. I've never seen this tactic applied with such granularity before. Of course, I've heard of "buy now before the price changes", but that traditionally means AFTER the SALE. Not, during the sale. Hmm. I can see this being implemented pretty much across every industry with an online shop. If anyone tries this, we would love to know how it works out.

*Applying this tactic in a real world brick and mortar environment would likely be a disaster. People often get trampled at "fixed" price sales, especially during Black Friday. Can you imagine if being first meant even more savings? We strongly advise against trying this tactic in the real world.

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