Wishpond sweepstakes marketing

How I grew a newsletter base over 1,000% in 5 months - Wishpond Review

The short answer.

Running product sweepstakes via Wishpond.

Now, the longer answer.

The company I worked for wanted to grow their brand awareness, subscriber base and generate more sales. They never ran a sweepstakes before. Based on past experiences with a travel marketing company, I knew Wishpond was the answer for the fastest impact. Running a sweepstakes has the potential of going viral, especially if the prize is worth over $1,000 USD..

So, we choose a product to give away, signed up for an account, set up a campaign and started advertising.

Within an hour of promoting the campaign, contestants started entering and sharing the contest with their friends and social networks. My inbox blew up. The contest was also picked up by a number of "sweepstakes" websites. (More about that later.) Over the 5 month campaign our newsletter subscriber base grew over 1,000%. That is not an exaggeration. And, our new social media profile on Facebook grew to over 500% followers.

Now, at little bit more about Wishpond. Their landing pages are easy to build, mobile friendly, and have a variety of data capture options. Beyond the standard "sign up form", Wishpond's landing pages have "bonus" point social sharing options. This means, if a contestant shares the sweepstakes with their friends, social networks, etc, they get more chances to win.

Additionally, Wishpond's built in drip marketing campaigns send contestants email marketing messages at set intervals and/or actions. Of course, each message should be tailored with a call to action.

Also, Wishpond integrates with Shopify, so, if you happen to use that ecommerce platform, you can easily track engagement, conversions and ROI.

Of course, you can also add 3rd party tracking code to your campaign such as Google Analytics, Facebook Pixel, etc.

Now, the cons.

There are really no cons to the platform itself. It performs as advertised, and better. Our biggest problem was not having enough people to follow up with all the leads. The only other "sort of" con is that the campaign got picked up by a couple sweepstakes websites. This lead to an influx of "gamblers" who just wanted a prize they could re-sell. But, is that really a bad thing? At first, it seemed so, but in retrospect, it is not. According to Google trends we saw a 70% increase of brand related traffic year over year. So, even though gamblers did try to win, we got more real followers than not. Also, we added qualifying questions to the contestant form to weed out the hustlers and not waste time with human follow up. And, the Wishpond sweepstakes, combined with our other marketing efforts, helped increase our sales by double digits year over year.

So, in summary. If you want to grow your brand awareness and customer base quickly, run a product sweepstakes via Wishpond.