Custom rigs and pressure washing trailers by Dirt Killer built at Atlantic pressure washers

New Custom Pressure Washer Trailers - Van Rig videos

Made these videos for custom rigs and trailers by They were built at facility in Linthicum Heights.  The van utulized a the Canon 90D DSLR and was shot in 4K.  Though edited down to 1920x1080, the 4K can in handy for a couple of the close up moments.  It gives the illusion of a 2 camera shoot, when really it was just one. Will be shooting in 4K from now on. Especially, when there is limited production time such as these one take videos.

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Custom pressure washer trailer 

Watch on Youtube : Transcript on Dirt Killer >>


Custom pressure washing rig in a van

Watch on Youtube | Transcript on Dirt Killer >>