Best car wash Range Rover - Marketing video

This simple and brief marketing video is designed to specifically target the phrase "Best car wash for Range Rover".  Google shows that as a common search phrase, if not particularly a high search volume  It is a proverbial "long tail" search phrase.  Though only published a couple hours ago on YouTube, the video has attained the 3rd page of Google for that exact phrase search in video search.  The videos with higher ranking seem to have a longer play time and from users with more relevant content and expertise. Even so, from an SEO POV of this is a win and once Google picks up other social signals this one little low cost video will contribute to the parent search phrase seo "best car wash" over time.  Additionally, the video has a multitude of other benefits such as luxury brand association, unique content to share in social, etc. Remember, SEO is not just about the bots. Human engagement is a factor in SEO as well.

As to the marketing video, yes, Holy Grail Wash and Wax is a fine maintenance car wash for Range Rovers, other luxury vehicles and every day cars. It should be used at least once a week to keep your Range Rover or other vehicle looking its best. For more details about the car wash products visit:

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