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YouTube SEO Dallas Results | 3 First Page 2 Phrase 1 Video

With our YouTube video about Google Maps and SEO, we achieved top ten placement for two different search phrases and three first page placements. Watch the video below for details. We are confident this recap video will also attain top ten ranking as it designed to target similar keywords. It should also help push up Serr.biz for generic terms as well as local Dallas, TX search phrases. If you have questions please leave a comment on the specific YouTube video.

YouTube SEO Dallas Results August 24

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Transcript of YouTube SEO Dallas Results August 24

Michael Zittel aka Serr.biz: Dallas SEO (00:02):
Hey, it's Mike with Serr.biz, Dallas SEO, and comprehensive digital marketing. So today I just wanted to do a quick check on some of the videos that we've been doing as you know, we're new to Dallas. So Serr.biz, the website has never had any relevance whatsoever to Dallas, Texas. So we've been making, you know, videos related to search engine optimization and digital marketing, et cetera with a specific intent of increasing our keyword density and back link relevance to Dallas, Texas, we of course have a Google map, et cetera, et cetera. So let's go to Google and see what we've got.

Dallas SEO YouTube Results

Michael Zittel aka Serr.biz: Dallas SEO (00:49):
All right. So we're at the computer now, let's do our search YouTube SEO Dallas. Let's see if we're here now. There we are. All right, check that out. That's pretty cool. What's interesting about this showing up here is I didn't even target that exact phrase in that particular video. As you know, we were just trying to get some keyword density and backlink relevance and so forth when related to Dallas search engine optimization, digital marketing, and so forth. So today is the 24th and this was posted on the 17th. So in seven days it was able to get some positioning on a video that wasn't even specifically about YouTube SEO, Dallas. It, it was related to Google maps. On that note, let's see where it ranks for Google map SEO, Dallas, if it ranks, let's see, since I was up there is that. Google maps and SEO, Dallas, local marketing, Texas. So that's pretty cool. Actually, let's see. The blog also shows up, so that's a double hit. Again that all went up, you know, eight days ago by me and YouTube and my blog. So that's part of YouTube search engine optimization is you make your video and put it on YouTube. Then you also put on your blog and share, and the rest of your social, which all generates valid, official backlinks to you. And if you get picked up by some other quality sites, all the better,

Legacy content helps with search engine optimization

Michael Zittel aka Serr.biz: Dallas SEO (02:47):
All right, not too bad for just starting to do search engine optimization on Serr.biz and our YouTube channel. Of course, it helps that we've had a long history of SEO related key terms, digital marketing, key terms, YouTube marketing key terms. That does help. And by migrating our old Google map, listing to our new location that has also helped. We have also, in addition to the videos, been optimizing the primary pages of the website for Dallas related terms, et cetera. At the end of the day, the thing that's most important for you to take away from this is how effective YouTube videos are at improving your search engine optimization. Because if you think about it with one video, we got three hits in the top page of Google in less than eight days. In my mind, that's pretty impressive SEO.

Summary of YouTube Dallas SEO results

Michael Zittel aka Serr.biz: Dallas SEO (03:51):
And the specific term YouTube SEO had paid advertisers. If someone's paying for advertisement, that's a popular search phrase, that's money. So other people are paying to be there. We're there for free. So you want to keep that in mind when you're thinking about your videos and what you're doing in your search engine optimization. Well, that's all I had to share today. Thanks for watching. If you need more tips or have questions, leave a comment below and I'll respond as soon as possible. My name's Mike with Serr.biz, Dallas SEO, and comprehensive digital marketing. Thanks for watching. Be sure to like, and subscribe. See you the next time.