Pressure Washing Dallas, TX | New YouTube marketing video

We recently made this new YouTube marketing video for  They already have excellent ranking in Google Maps and solid 5 star reviews, but their actual website fluctuates between the bottom of the first page and the top of the second page of search results.  This video is designed and optimized to help push their ranking further up in the organic search results and also show up in the search results. Ultimately, we want them to have three positions on the first page which will solidify their dominance for the targeted search phrase "pressure washing Dallas tx". We'll post a follow up video in a week or so to see the results of using YouTube to increase search ranking. *In addition to SEO, the primary value of video marketing is help brand awareness and traffic. Park Cities can now use this video on their website as well as in their paid advertising on Google, Facebook, etc.

For those interested in pressure washing services in Dallas, TX visit  They primarily service homes and businesses in the Park City region of Dallas, TX

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Transcript of Pressure Washing Dallas TX | Park Cities Power Wash

Doug Steel : Pressure Washing Pro
Hi I am Doug Steel at Park Cities Power Wash. We service the greater Dallas area, specifically Dallas, and what they call the park cities, which is Highland park, University Park, Preston Hollow, kind of the central Dallas corridor there. We do a residential commercial pressure washing, ceiling, window cleaning. We do a lot of of high-end homes and big businesses and window clean. That's what we do.

Doug Steel : Pressure Washing Pro
All right. So give us a call at (214) 390-3377. Or visit our website and remember picky people pick Park Cities.

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Tech info

This pressure washing marketing video was shot using a Canon EOS 90D and edited with Adobe Premiere.