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How do I add a user to a YouTube channel 2021

In this quickie YouTube "how to" video, we show you how to add a user to your YouTube channel.

Transcript of How To Add A User To A YouTube Channel

Intro to tutorial - Why would you want to add a user to your YouTube channel?

Mike Z - How to add a user to a YouTube channel (00:00):
Hi, it's Mike with Serr.biz : search engine ranking rules. That's SEO, SEM, PPC, et cetera. So today it's just a quickie. We're going to learn how to add a user to your YouTube channel. There's a number of instances where you would want to use, or especially as you grow, you're going to want to hire an admin assistant and possibly to help out with comments and just uploading content. You might need to hire an SEO person, help optimize your channel, et cetera. So it's a fairly simple process, but it's a little confusing because of the way Google sets things up. So anyway, let's jump in and I'll show you how to do it right now. Okay. So you log into your account and then when you're on your channel, you want to go to your YouTube studio, then down in settings, down here and permissions, and then manage permissions.

Log Into Your YouTube Account

Mike Z - How to add a user to a YouTube channel (01:03):
Now we set up accounts using the brand account manager. So that's how we're going to show you from here on out. There is YouTube studio. If that's how your account is set up. We like the brand manager and because it has more functionality than at the YouTube studio level. So we go to manage permissions. Now it's going to the brand account, and then you go to manage permissions again and up here, you would go to add the username that you want, who we want to add. And this is where you want to add another Gmail account that I have.

Navigate to settings - Add User - Choose Role - Send Invite

Mike Z - How to add a user to a YouTube channel (01:53):
We have to choose the role. In this case, we'll making him a manager and invite. Now over in my email account, I got a notice from Google that I've been invited to be a manager of the Serr.biz YouTube accounts. Now I will accept invitation. When I click the link I'm taken to this page shows me, inviting me to be a manager of the YouTube channel. I say, yes, except, and now I'm there. So let's pop over to YouTube and I'm already logged in under that profile. Now let's see if I actually have access as the, yep. There I am. And now a manager of the YouTube channel for Serr.biz. And let's just go look at a studio for second and I would pretty much have full access. You know, I can I can upload content as a manager, I can look at all the content. See stats, yada, yada, a playlist. I can create a new playlist if I wanted to. See. Yep. There you go. Nice. There's a lot of features that a manager can have. What permissions you want to give users is entirely up to you. All right, there you go. That's how you add a user to your YouTube channel. If you have any questions, feel free to leave a comment below, be sure to subscribe to the channel. My name is Mike with Serr.biz Is search engine ranking rules.

For more info about user permission check out Googles own help docs >>