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Optimize old video | How To YouTube

How to optimize old YouTube videos

In this "how to YouTube" video we re-visit some old content (13 video phone hacks), which we published back in 2018. The videos were used in a presentation we made. At the time we didn't thoroughly optimize the videos on YouTube because we are focused on the the actual in-person presentation vs YouTube. Work got busy and we literally forgot about them. So, today, we are taking the time to optimize the old videos. We share with you, as it's important review your old video content and adjust if needed.

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Transcript of Optimize Old Video | How To YouTube

Mike Z | Optimize Old YouTube Content (00:00):

Hey, it's Mike with Serr.biz Search engine ranking rules, serious engagement, real results. So today we optimizing some old YouTube videos that I had online. They originally were for a presentation that I did, and I realized I never actually went back and optimized them properly. I just stuck them up for this, this presentation that I had. So today that's what I'm gonna do is I'm going to go back and re optimize some old videos that I have to see how they can rank for a specific key term. My point in sharing this with you is if you have old content go back and look at it, you know, because part of search engine optimization and YouTube marketing is making sure your content is still relevant which this particular content is. And making sure that you optimize it accordingly. So I'm just going to go in and optimize real quick, show you a couple of tricks and point out some things for you, and let's go to the computer.

Update the TITLE field with targeted keywords

Mike Z | Optimize old video | How To YouTube (01:02):
Okay. So I'm over in YouTube, YouTube studio, I've already opened up the video. I want to re optimize. The basic optimization was there, what it was at, it's still photography tip, but I've decided that I want to focus on the search phrase, "how to YouTube". So first place I need to put that is right here in the title, YouTube. And then in my general description, it's all basically there. I want to change the hashtags that I had which were default for my previous setting. Like I said, I had never optimized these really that was just sort of default stuff. So I'm now going to put in some hashtags that are already on my clipboard and you see, I've got a whole bunch of different ones, how to YouTube, how to make a video video editing tips, video, phone hacks, et cetera the images.

Update description with targeted keywords and hashtags

Mike Z | Optimize old video | How To YouTube (02:07):
Okay. I might want to go back and tweak that a little bit more, make it pop a little bit more in the search results. Now the time this wasn't available and so now I find it important to do this. I tell Google, no it's not made for kids. There's no age restrictions. There are some other options that I can add. None of these tags are really relevant anymore. So we're just going to delete those. I'm gonna leave video phone hacks that I'm gonna pop back over to my list of topics and it's already, comma-separated, I'm just going to paste them in here. So now I've got more relevant terms. How to YouTube, make a video with phone, video marketing, et cetera. This air.. Content has never aired. Realistically I should go back and add the subtitles, but is just a quickie of basic optimization.

Update YouTube Tags Field with RELEVANT phrase and tags

Mike Z | Optimize old video | How To YouTube (03:01):
So I've added tags. My English, my language is set. My title is set as far as its language when to leave the date, it was published alone. But what I didn't put at the time was where this was shot, where it was edited and my target audience really USA. So I'm just going to use USA here. All these little things, help Google know what your, your video's about and can help push up your search results. This shouldn't be clicked. I don't really like people to sample my content. It'd be one thing if I could force them to give me a credit back, that'd be fine. But as far as the regular sampling, I'm not a big fan of that, but in some industries that might be okay. Now comments, yada, yada that's all basically good. So now I'm just going to save that before I go onto one other thing that I want to do. In the end screens because this is a series I want to put my, some links to some of the other videos in the series of how to YouTube and video phone hacks. So let's just do that now.

Review and set additional fields like language and location

Mike Z | Optimize old video | How To YouTube (04:16):
Which one do I want? I like this one. Well, it's I just liked the two videos. You can actually change these. I'm going to change best for viewer to choose a specific video. Let me just type in of the hacks cause that'll pull them up. Let's choose this one. I like that hack specifically. And then it has a playlist yeah, in this case, the playlist is going to be okay because I actually have this broken down into a playlist called video phone hacks. So this way, the per.. Person who watches this video at the end will be directed to a couple others, save it. Now other stuff that I want to do for optimization and I could put in some cards, I could put in subtitles titles that we've talked about, I should definitely do that. But let's just see how optimizing each of these 13 little videos that I have, how that helps improve the search engine optimization related to that video and, and traffic to it.

If in a playlist update playlists appropriately

Mike Z | Optimize old video | How To YouTube (05:31):
So before I go, I was looking at all of the videos in this channel and this specific playlist. And at the time the, I felt that the playlist name was fine for what I was doing. But now that I'm re optimizing and trying to include the term, how to YouTube, I want to also tweak the title of the playlist itself. So right now it is a video phone hacks tips, and I'm just going to add in, you know pipe and how to YouTube. So that should give more context, more keywords. Also, as you can see, I went through on all the videos and added that to the title at the end as well as what I showed you before.

Mike Z | Optimize Old YouTube Content (06:26):
All right. So there you go. I am optimizing and trying to target the search phrase video phone hacks, as well as how to YouTube. So check it in a couple of weeks and see how it's doing and report back. Thanks for watching if you like the content, be sure to like, and subscribe and follow us on Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, et cetera. Thanks. Bye.