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Google My Business Going Away

Google My Business Going Away?


Good morning, everybody. Checking the emails this morning. And there was an announcement that Google my business is going away. It looked like spam because why and how is Google My Business going away?


No. It is evolving into Google Business Profile

It's just, you know, it's not. So I went and checked it out, did some search. And what I found is that Google my business is not actually going away. It's just evolving from that name to Google Business Profile. And some of the features might move around and be located in different areas of Google that you might do editing on. That's not exactly clear yet. But the short of the long is Google My Business is not going away. It is just evolving. Small business owners, you will still have your business profiles. You can still have your Google My Business Profiles, your reviews, and all their stuff that you added. Why would Google just ditch that and throw it away? So take a deep breath. It's all. Okay. Google, my business is still there. It's evolving to Google business profiles and as more information comes out and we find out what the new interfaces are. We will be making, you know, profile, videos of course, to help you continue to succeed at your local business marketing. So, that's all have a good day. Search engine ranking rules.