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Local Business SEO tutorial - Part 1 - What is SEO?

Local Business SEO tutorial - Part 1 - What is SEO?

Mike Zittel introduces our new Local Business SEO Tutorial and invites local business owners to use the tutorial to increase their visibility in Google. He illustrates what SEO is and where/how it can help you get seen in Google for free. This tutorial is designed for local business owners with one or more regionally specific locations or service area.

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Michael Zittel - SEO Pro (00:02):
Hey, it's Mike with SERR.biz Right there. S E R R dot B I Z. That's an acronym for search engine ranking rules. Just want to introduce myself and invite you to explore this tutorial. If you are a local business owner, service provider, restaurant, retail, what have you, one of the great things that has changed in since 1999, when I started this, is you as a local, as a local business owner can actually rank in Google for really broad match terms like "real estate" or "pizza" or "karate" et cetera. Back in the day, you had to, you know, have keyword density in your domain name and be a big national company to rank for those small generic terms. Not anymore. And that's awesome. And that's what this tutorial is designed to do is to get you found in Google specifically, but the principles will also apply to Bing, Duck Duck Go, et cetera.

What is seo?

Michael Zittel - SEO Pro (01:10):
So let's just jump right in and start with what is S E O. SEO means Search engine optimization, right? Google's a search engine. We want to optimize our website so that we can be found in Google when somebody searches one of those generic terms that I was just talking about. Now let me just show you some, some immediate examples and to clarify very specifically what we're trying to do. So specifically here we are over in Google, I've already done a search for SEO and oh, look at that. SERR biz is showing right up right here in Google maps. This is a Google map listing. What's awesome is that this is free. If I got here, you can get there for your search terms. We're going to do a bigger, a tutorial specifically on Google, my business, which is being relabeled as a Google business profile, I think is what they're going to start calling it, but that's a whole separate tutorial, but it's important that, you know, from the very beginning, it is part of your search engine optimization.

What does SEO do specifically?

Michael Zittel - SEO Pro (02:23):
This is a search engine when you get found for that term for us, you know, we typed in SEO and there we are. And then there's some other businesses, of course, but that's us right there. Part of why we're probably showing up number one is because we're actually sitting at SERR.biz We're sitting in the office searching and the IP and everything is matching up. But there are other terms that you can show up for, when you do your optimization correctly. So part of your SEO is your Google map listing. Then underneath that we have generic organic results as they're called. That is also what you're striving to do with your search engine optimization is get your content found down here in the free section. And then of course, if you don't want to bother with SEO at all you can just pay to play.

Should I also use Adwords?

Michael Zittel - SEO Pro (03:21):
I recommend using Adwords for your advertisement because that's the fastest way into Google. However, when you stop paying, you are no longer seen. So you want to do both pay-per-click marketing and search engine marketing so that you can be found. So another aspect of SEO is what it actually means. Search engine optimization. And the next tutorial, we're going to talk about it a little bit more, but for this intro, what we know SEO to mean is optimizing your website and social brands and other third-party profiles that you have so that it shows up in the search engines when somebody searches specifically for your name, but as well as a generic terms related to you. So restaurant food shoes, buy shoes, take karate class, et cetera. Hope you find this tutorial informative. If there's anything that is a little vague please do leave a comment and we'll respond to it. We may just respond as a comment or you might actually make another video. So thanks for watching, be sure to like, and subscribe, and let's go to the next video.

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