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SEO Title and meta descriptions

Local business SEO Tutorial | Part 3 | SEO Title and meta descriptions

In this 3rd videos our our local business SEO tutorial we explain what title and meta description tags are. We also show you where they are seen in the search results pages as well as in the actual code, just so you know. Don't worry, most content management systems have an area where you can easily enter title tags and meta descriptions. In fact, you show how to do it in a basic WordPress website if you happen to be using that platform.

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Transcript of Part 3 | Local SEO tutorial | Title and Meta Description

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Mike Zittle : SEO Pro (00:01):
Hey, it's Mike with Serr.biz (search engine ranking rules). In this tutorial, we're going to take a look at title tags, HTML title tags, as well as meta description tags. This is part of the SEO code from the previous tutorial, and there'll be more on SEO code cause there's a bit to it. Anyway, all webpages should have at least a title tag. You don't have to worry too much about it because it probably is going to be using some type of content management system, WordPress, Joomla, Duda, et cetera. And by default it will be created. It's typically created when you create the page within the system, whatever you're calling, that is what it's going to be entered as the title tag of your webpage. Let me show you where these things show up and you know, what they look like in the code, just so you know, in the event for, God forbid, some reason you have to go into the code.

Where are title and meta descriptions see in search engines?

Mike Zittle : SEO Pro (01:10):
So let's go take a look. Okay. So we're over on the screen share here. And in the tutorial itself, if you read the tutorial, there is a screenshot that shows the Google search results. The hidden title tag is what is seen in the search results as the the link, the thing that you click, that's where your title tag is actually visually seen by you and other users. And then underneath the title tag as this area is a description that description you can tell Google what to show and that's through the meta description tag. Now, Google doesn't always use your meta description tags. Sometimes they'll decide something else is more important from within the text of your page and show that et cetera. But, but the meta description tag is what is specifically done. That's the specific purpose of the meta description tag is so that you can give third parties a description of your page, a short description.

Are title and meta description seen anywhere else?

Mike Zittle : SEO Pro (02:24):
So this is where it shows up in a search engine. Now, if we're looking at the page though, this specific page, you can see that my title tag also shows up here in the browser tabs. So that's another place that the title text shows up. The meta description tag generally is unseen other than in a search engine results, or maybe over in social somewhere, but they had a little different tags that they use. I wanted to show you the code. So you know what I'm talking about. So here's the of that page that we were just on and right there, it says title and then local business SEO tutorial. And then the closing tag, like I said, it was about a local business owner. You don't have to worry too much about that. It's pretty much done for you, but if you're hiring somebody or you're talking to an assistant that you've set to task on this, you've got some knowledge as to what it specifically is.

What do title and meta description tags look like the HTML code?

Mike Zittle : SEO Pro (03:26):
And then in our case, the description tag is right here, meta name equals description content, and then we have a little description. So right there is where it actually shows up in the code. If you want to know that. Now over here, I have a page open in a WordPress. It's a free WordPress site, which by the way, is a good SEO tactic for distributing your content for free. Now we'll get more into that later. And if you do do third party platforms like this, it's okay, but you don't want to do an exact copy, right? Whatever you're doing over in this third party, because they kind of have their own audience, yada, yada you want to just do a small descriptions and try to drive people back to your parent website. Anyway, that's just a tactic. We'll get more into that stuff later.

Where do I add title and meta description in a CMS such as WordPress?

Mike Zittle : SEO Pro (04:26):
So what I want to show you is, and so over here in WordPress, we're creating a, you know our little synopsis article. So I used the title, which is right here. This is going to be the title of it. And then I have the regular text of the article and the YouTube video that I put in yada yada. What I'm trying to point out is that this CMS, this WordPress CMS doesn't call the meta description a meta description tag. They call it an excerpt. So whatever platform you're in, you may have to learn the unique jargon of that platform. But pretty much every good content management system is going to have options for a meta description. In the case of WordPress, it's called an excerpt. And so down here is where we write the excerpt, which then shows up in Google right here. So I just wanted to point those things out to you. Now, the last thing I want to talk about is the keyword tag. Didn't put that in the title of this video because the meta keyword tag is actually dangerous. It used to be a thing it's still exists. Technically Google ignores it, completely. Bing, my understanding is, is that they now consider it spam. So as you're working in whatever

Mike Zittel : Seo Pro (05:57):
platform you're working in, if there's an area for a meta keywords or keywords like that, don't use it, ignore it, don't touch it. Okay. That's really all I want to say about that. So that's it for this tutorial next up will be header tags. So you found this tutorial helpful and useful be sure to like, and subscribe. My name's Mike with Serr.biz Search engine ranking rules.

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