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What is SEO content | Local SEO tutorial | Dallas, TX

What is SEO content | Part 9 | Local SEO tutorial | Dallas, TX

In part 9 of our local business SEO tutorial, Michael Zittel explains what SEO content is and why it is important.

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Transcript of part 9 | What is SEO Content

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Michael Zittel : SEO Speaker (00:00):
Hey, it's Mike with Serr.biz. And today we're talking about the second C of CCB, which is content. The first C was SEO code. And now we're gonna talk about content. So what is content? Content is all of the information that your website holds and is publicly available. So let's just pop over to the website and I'll give you a concrete example. Okay. So we are on the Serr.biz SEO tutorial right here. The very first thing we see is an image how to, we know it's an image because I can't select any of the text that's on here. There's a lot of text here that could be useful for SEO, but unfortunately it's embedded inside of an image Google, even though they've gotten much better and there's AI now and so forth and so on still has difficulty parsing what an image is.

SEO content is all the content Google can read on your website - Mostly HTML TEXT but also any of the code 

Michael Zittel : SEO Speaker (01:01):
What's inside of it. Of course, that's why we use alt tags and schema markup, et cetera, to help Google know what it is, but it can't actually read what's in this image, let's just take a look real quick how we help Google understand what's this is about, so I'm gonna right click and, and over here in the code, let's bring it up so you can see it. Here's the code. It says, image classes, caption title right here at local business, SEO tutorial, the source. Now Google can read this URL. It can read local business SEO tutorial, and that does help towards your search optimization. And then of course, we have an alt tag, which is a repeat of the title, local business SEO tutorial. And then we have the item property telling Google it's an image. But that's all Google can understand about it in the basic crawler that they use.

Michael Zittel : SEO Speaker (02:00):
So what's important to know is with images in, in your website and so forth, though, you can be technically more creative often with your graphic design. You wanna be careful not to embed the most important information about your website inside of an image or a video or a PDF or anything else. You really want it to be straight HTML text, which we can see right here. So the way you can tell that Google can read this is right, click copy, and then right, click copy. If you can copy the text then for the most part, Google's going to be able to see that and read it and parse it out and understand what your page is about. And then ultimately if you've done everything right show up in the search engine search results let's just take a look at the code on that real quick.

Use Schema and ALT tags to help Google understand your page content

Michael Zittel : SEO Speaker (02:53):
If we go back to inspect right here in this paragraph there's a paragraph tag that's HTML, and then here's the information. So Google can easily find and read that and parse it out and, and show it decide to show your page for a specific search result. So that's important. Now this page also has you know, video on it. So let's take a look at the video right here, but you see this video is actually being pulled in through an iframe, and there's not actually a lot of content on it. Now, farther up in the header area of the code. I've included some schema information that talks about this video and what it is and so forth. So that helps Google. So a bit of the code actually helps inform Google about the content on your website. Now, the last thing I wanna say about content, and this is actually very important is not only does it have to be readable content, it has to be unique content.

DO NOT PLAGIARIZE (Do not steal other peoples content)

Michael Zittel : SEO Speaker (03:57):
Google does not like content that it can find on a different website. So you really have to try to make your content unique. Don't plagiarize from anybody. Don't go to somebody else's site that you like and just take their content and put it on your website. Not only is that plagiarism that's copyright infringement, and you can wind up in a lawsuit about that. You don't want that. And also Google will find it and will know, right? So you definitely don't want to copy other people's content. Now, if you are a eCommerce website and you know, you're an authorized seller of some product, you know, and the manufacturer has, you know descriptions and so forth that you want to use. I get the temptation, right? It's a big time saver to be able to do that. But the problem is Google is most likely had already found that information on the actual manufacturer's website.

Create unique content

Michael Zittel : SEO Speaker (04:54):
And then they're gonna see it on your website and Google, even though you're authorized, Google is going think that you're a plagiarizer and downgrade your website. So if you're an e-commerce site and you're in that situation, you need to take the time to take your own photos if possible or at least do something to them when you get them, like change the names or something. So it seems more unique. Additionally for the, the title and descriptions, you want to write something unique of about it, right? And presumably you have an opinion about the product that you're gonna sell you, you can link back to them, to the manufacturer if you want, or link to a PDF or something like that. So they get the actual manufacturer's specifications to definitions, but you, as the webmaster content owner, definitely wanna be saying something unique and in your own voice about that. Okay. So content and the CCB and from SEO has got to be unique. And as they say, content is king. Oh yeah.

Michael Zittel : SEO Speaker (05:57):
And there's one more thing I do need to say about content as a website owner, you're a publisher, right? And Google likes to see new content frequently. Some of the biggest sites and the best known sites are in part as big and well known as they ours, because they're constantly putting out new content. So even as a local business owner, you really kind of need to commit to publishing new content of some sort, at least once a week at the, at the very least, or at the very worst once a month, if you can't commit to new content once a month you should probably invest in a copywriter of some sort, a content creator of some sort to do it for you because your competitors are doing it. Your competitors, if you run an SEO audit have probably got a lot of content and have publishing frequently. So the three major things about content is that it has to be readable and unique and you have to publish frequently. Okay. Okay. That's enough about content for the time being next up. We're gonna talk about the B of CCB, which is back links. See you next time. Thanks for watching. Bye.

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