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What are backlinks | Local seo tutorial | Part 10

What are backlinks | Local seo tutorial | Part 10

Today we take a quick look at what back links are and why they are important to your local search engine optimization.

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Transcript of What are backlinks? 

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Michael Zittel - SEO expert (00:00):
Hey, it's Mike with Serr.biz. And today we're gonna talk about backlinks, just kind of a quick overview. Backlinks are the B of the earlier referenced acronym, CCB. So we've got code, we've got content. And now backlinks, links are extremely important for your search engine optimization, especially in local SEO. So first off, what is a backlink? A backlink is when a third party website links to you. Okay. That's it. Just that simple, a link pointing to your web website from a third party. The reason why this is important is because once Google finds your content, right, you're gonna analyze it and determine its own relevancy based on your, your code, et cetera. But they're going to validate it by who else is linking to you. So that's really important to understand that you have your code, which helps Google read your content.

What is a good place to get a backlink?

Michael Zittel - SEO expert (01:09):
And then you have backlinks pointing to you from third parties. Now in the sphere of local SEO, the most important, probably, backlink to get is from your Google business page. Additionally, you could get other easy to get relatively easy to get back links from other local authorities, such as your local chamber of commerce or your local BBB or other associations that you belong to. Additionally there's backlinks you can get from your social profiles, right? Those are your official social profiles. So when you post an article or something to those, you know, try to always include a backlink so that Google can find it in the social and then crawl it and find you that is part of the validation process. Now what's really important are other third party sites that are unique to your industry.

Backlinks in Google Maps, BBB and local Chamber Of Commerce are good sources for backlinks

Michael Zittel - SEO expert (02:13):
So if there's an association, right, if you have an association, you'd like to get a back link from them as well. Now I'm gonna pop over to the infographic and we'll talk a little bit more about some other places you can get backlinks. Okay. So here we are on just a little infographic that shows you some other places that you could get backlinks from. We already talked about Google, my business. We talked about B B B. Now let's talk about quality, relevant quality forums. So, say there's a forum that you belong to that talks about specifics in your industry or product you sell or service or a class, et cetera. It would be awesome if you can get a backlink from there. Another places we talked about, social media, news sites, you know, if you do have true relevant news, PR events, et cetera and you can get backlinks from an authority news website, but it has to be a real news website.

Relevant associations, forums, news site are good for backlinks

Michael Zittel - SEO expert (03:12):
Not some, you know, fly by night, never heard of type of website, but say like CBS, your local CBS station, if they could interview you or talk about you in an article, whatever your local newspaper is, if you can get articles written there and get some backlinks pointing to you, that's also very good. For the most part, any . edu .gov or .org web site, but it has to be a real.org, right? Not a.. Like you can just buy a .org but like a real .org, something with a, a verification of a nonprofit, et cetera. That would be good to get a backlink from. So you just want to be thinking about who's pointing you and how often they're pointing to you. So that's what back links are, and they're very important for your search engine optimization. And one thing I do want to caution you is don't participate in any quick, fast backlink schemes or anything that you might find online avoid.

Avoid scummy backlink providers and schemes that promise thousands of backlinks

Michael Zittel - SEO expert (04:23):
FFAs. If you don't know what that is don't find out, <laugh> just stay away from any schemes, stay away from any offer where they're gonna get you a thousand back links in 10 minutes, there are tools and services out there that would actually do that. And that's pretty much a instant death. <Laugh> you might get a little bump quickly, but it will kill your website and you'll probably never recover and you'll have to start all over. So don't participate in any scummy black hat, you know, backlink and bombs and so forth. That instant depth you will get found out by Google and you will get knocked down. So again, a back link is simply someone else pointing to you iand the higher quality of that third party website that's linking to you , the better it is for you.

Official brands and manufacturing sites are great for backlinks

Michael Zittel - SEO expert (05:19):
It's effectively a vote. Who's voting for you and is a local business. You wanna get other local, specific websites linking to you as well as bigger national international websites that are relevant to your content. So a good example might be your you sell dresses, say, all right, well, all of those dresses that you sell, unless you're hand making them yourselves, you're buying them from somebody there's top, probably, a brand associated to it, those brand websites. If you could get them to link to you as a local dealer that's goal, you would, that, that just would do so much for your SEO related to that brand name. As well as your Google map listing for the, the specific geo aspects, you've got two targets in your backlinks. You've got geo targeting relevancy as well as content, topic, product marketing. So there's a couple ideas I just wanted to share with you as to what backlinks are and why they're important. Next up, we're gonna start to implement the CCB of local search engine optimization code, content, backlinks. All right. See you.

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