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Best local seo CMS | Duda | Local SEO tutorial | Dallas, TX

Best local seo CMS | Duda | Local SEO tutorial | Part 11 | Dallas, TX

Before we can get into hands on local seo code and optimization of a website, we have to have a website. For local business owners we recommend Duda. Watch the video to learn why.

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Transcript of Best Local SEO CMS 2022 | Duda

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Michael Zittel - SEO expert (00:01):
Hey, it's Mike with Serr.biz. And just before we get into actual hands on SEO and choosing keywords and optimizing a page we need a website, right? We need some place to have our website. Now, some of you already have one and that's great. And, and hopefully it's scalable and you can make the changes you need. Since this is for local business owners who typically don't have a lot of time for a learning curve, let alone dealing with, you know, serious code. I recommend a platform called Duda. It's a hosted solution which allows you to choose a template, make some modifications, get in there, add your content, add your images, add your video, et cetera. It has a forms tool already built in it's by default, out of the box very fast, mobile and secure. This is really, really, really important for a small local business owner

Duda has all the SEO elements you need out of the box

Michael Zittel - SEO expert (01:05):
who's kind of DIYing their way through their website when they first get started. You don't want to deal with code updates. You don't want to deal with making sure your site is secure. You want a third party to do that, and you want it to be cost effective, you know, somewhere in the range of $30, $50 a month. And Duda is just that. They've got a very secure platform. Haven't had any issues with it so far. It's fast mobile, and it's pretty easy to use. Let's just go take a look at it real quick. Again, the name is DudA actually. It's Duda.co not.com, just .co Duda, D U D A .co. Let's go take a look.

Duda takes care of security updates and patches

Michael Zittel - SEO expert (01:52):
Okay. So we are over here on Duda.co and as you can see their site by itself, right? Their marketing site is very clean. It's professional. If we check the source code in and of itself ..oops. Not source code. If we inspect with Google Chrome and then we go to the mobile version it's pretty good. Let's look at, at a surface pro, it's nice. It scales quickly. Let's take a look at you know, just an iPhone 12. Scales again. It's got the hamburger very nice. So that's their front end. And of course the templates that they provide are also responsive and do the same thing. So the that's a plus. Now they have built in forms, et cetera. If we take a look at the back end over here on our sample site the site that we're gonna be working on in this tutorial for the most part is TKA dojo, which is a karate website.

Duda is easy to use and cost effective

Michael Zittel - SEO expert (03:06):
It's in Dallas, Texas. So you can see it's pretty much a nice wysiwyg editor. It's pretty clean. You can, you know, add content, blah, blah, blah. It's got widgets that you can add if you like, which are pretty cool. So like, say I wanted to add a text box here. I would just drop click and drag and drop it into place. I've got functionalities for click to call. That's nice. Different layouts, et cetera. It actually has an eCommerce functionality, which I haven't used yet for, for this client. But it's there. So you don't have to worry that. You gotta change your whole platform at a later date because you wanna add e-commerce. So that's cool. It's got blogging functions cuz blogs are a little bit different than you know, standard informational pages about the website.

We've had good SEO success with Duda

Michael Zittel - SEO expert (03:57):
So that's a big plus. There's a variety of different apps that they have that you can add into it and plug into it. Some of you may be familiar with Shopify. This is pretty similar. If you know that you're gonna be eCommerce you might wanna look at Shopify. They're, they're pretty close as far as quality and ease of use. But again, for this tutorial we're gonna use Duda. It's just a nice clean platform that so far I've had very good luck and success with it, and it was recommended to me as well by some other SEO professionals. That's what, you know, brought me to it. And I really just can't stress enough for the small local business owner. You really don't wanna deal with, with code and updates because if you don't pay attention to all the updates that are available in, in WordPress, in Joomla, in Magento and other you know, open source, free websites it's just not worth your time.

Careful with Wordpress, Joomla and other CMS - Don't forget about security patches

Michael Zittel - SEO expert (05:02):
If you don't have the time and expertise to deal with it, I just can't strongly recommend enough that you don't go down that road, but instead you go with some type of hosted solution that has all the SEO elements that you need. One of the important SEO elements that Duda does have out of the box is a functionality for adding schema markup. If you remember, when we were talking in SEO code, schema is very important for your local SEO and Duda out of the box already has that functionality. It has search engine friendly URLs. You have meta titles and descriptions that you can add, et cetera. So that's Duda. And that's what we're going to use in this platform. But if you've got something else, that's fine, it's your choice, obviously. But the principles that we're gonna learn through the rest of this tutorial will apply to any website that you are on. And if the platform you have doesn't have certain functionalities like title, meta search engine friendly URLs in schema, then you probably need to look at finding a different solution like Duda. So once you get your website and you're ready to start working, come back and we're gonna go to the next tutorial, which is choosing keywords.

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