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How to create a blog post in Duda

How to create a blog post in Duda | Hosted SEO CMS | Photo Gallery Widget

In this video we learn how to add a new blog post to a Duda website. We learn how to create it, add title, meta description, and a photo gallery.

Transcript of How to create a blog post in Duda

Michael Zittel - Duda SEO Webmaster (00:00):
Hey, it's Mike with Serr.biz, And today we're going to work on a DUDA website, which is a content management system that I like very much for SEO purposes and ease of use. What we're gonna do today is just add a blog. It's a fairly simple process, so let me show it to you. Okay. So we're already signed into the back end of DUDA for TKA dojo, which is a site I'm working on today. And all we have to do is come over here to where it says, blog, click blog, then add new post. And the first thing it for is what is the title as always, we're keeping keywords in mind for SEO purposes. If you have multiple users on the account, you can choose whoever the author is in this case, it's the owner of the website, which is Daniel. And I'm gonna grab a main image. Now I've already prepared the images. So they're on my hard drive. So let me go there.

Go to back end of Duda > Blog > Create New

Michael Zittel - Duda SEO Webmaster (01:14):
It's got a check mark on it, which means it's selected. It's also showing up over here. I just need to move myself out of the way and click done. And now we will proceed with the post and a new page pops up. And there's the title with the background image. I might change that image. I don't really like the cropping of it. But that'll be a different tutorial. But anyway, that's how you add the background image to the cover area. I've got my title here. That's fine. Now I'm gonna write something. So, and this post is just gonna be a quick little writeup and have a gallery of still photos from the day we were at the studio or at the dojo. So we're gonna call this

Add title, Choose Cover image

Michael Zittel - Duda SEO Webmaster (02:02):

Michael Zittel - Duda SEO Webmaster (02:02):
Subtitle here.

Michael Zittel - Duda SEO Webmaster (02:08):
Now I could have just wrote, you know, photos right, but websites more than just, you know, information. We gotta get people to it and so forth. So we chose some keywords karate and Plano Dojo. I might even put

Michael Zittel - Duda SEO Webmaster (02:26):

Use Keywords in title

Michael Zittel - Duda SEO Webmaster (02:28):
Another keyword. People search those phrases, Texas karate, Plano dojo, somewhat. But karate definitely. Now just because this is the default layout, I'm gonna add the same image and all I have to do is double click this image and I can replace it. I'm gonna use the same image that I use for the cover. Now underneath, I'm gonna write a little bit more information. So now I want to add a gallery and I click down in this space where I want it to be. I'm gonna say widgets and just do a quick search, photo gallery. And I'm gonna just drag and drop to where I want it to be. And now I get to add images first. Let me just delete all the ones that I don't want. Those are defaults. Now I'm gonna go back to my folder and I have to click the plus sign down here because I haven't added all of the images yet. Now I'm just gonna select all of them And upload, it takes a minute. So now they've been uploaded and now they're in the folder, temporary holding folder that I'm looking at. So I'm gonna select that, that, that, that all these done.

To add additional content use widget control panel

Michael Zittel - Duda SEO Webmaster (04:08):
Now I can do a little bit of cropping on these if I want, but they're basically in the right position, but what's important here is that we do want to add titles to everything. So I'm not gonna do that for all of them, but I'll just go through the process. And this is important. You want to take the time to do this because you're adding text to images that Google can find and read and understand. It also helps humans. And it also satisfies the American disabilities act. You definitely wanna put ALT tags on, if you don't put AlLTtags on your images, you can get sued. So it's important to do that. So here, we're gonna call this, that's enough.I don't have to do a whole lot, I just need to put some. I'm just gonna actually copy that and I'm gonna paste it as the ALT tag. And that's it. Now I could, you know, put some more text in there, etc, but it's up to you and now I'm gonna close it and there the layout in the gallery and when we go live well, we'll see it right there. Actually. That's how it plays out. That's what the text is for.

Michael Zittel - Duda SEO Webmaster (05:22):
So now if I wanted to add more information, I could add more text video, et cetera. This is where you do it. And your blog post now..

When ready Publish Post with button in upper right of page

Michael Zittel - Duda SEO Webmaster (05:33):
Publish post, and it is published, but we're not done. We want to go to post settings. And, this is important information. By default it puts the date. That's fine. If we wanted to change the date, we could the post title is already set for us. Cause we wrote that earlier, the author is set. It has the main image, which is set, but now we need the metadata. That's the meta title tag, which is here and it's preset. I could, I'm just gonna copy that and use that for the ALT text of the cover image down here. I'm gonna add a little bit more information. Now tags. Tags are for subcategorizing your posts. That's a choice that you just need to make. If you want to use tags or not currently, we don't really have enough content on the website for tags.

Click Settings Icon > Add meta description > Tags then re-publish

Michael Zittel - Duda SEO Webmaster (06:36):
But we will eventually. So we're actually going to add a tag right now, which is let's go, let's make a tag called karate training, right? You don't wanna overdo the tags cause you wind up with basically just duplicate content throughout the site. So try to just add one or two tags. If you do. Karate training, that's enough. Now I'm gonna close that window and I'm going to republish the post and let's go take a look, gonna go over to the front end of the site, go to the blog. And there is our, your post. See that thumbnail image because it was too big, the cover image. That's why we need to go back and edit that. So that is just done over in your photo editing tool and then you can reload it. So that is how you create a blog post in a Duda website. If you have any other questions, be sure to you leave a comment below, a topic you want us to discuss, leave a comment below or visit Serr.biz and ask us a question there. My name's Mike, thanks for watching. Be Sure. And subscribe. See you next time. Bye