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How to add ALT tags | SEO tutorial | Joomla Wordpress Duda

How to add ALT tags | SEO tutorial | Joomla Wordpress Duda

In this video we learn how easy it is to add alt tags to images when using the 3 different CMS platforms: Joomla, Wordpress and Duda

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Transcript of how to Add Alt Tags

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Mike Zittel - SEO Speaker (00:03):
Hey, it's Mike with Serr.biz Search engine ranking rules. And today we're gonna learn how to add alt tags to our images. We are going to do so in a Joomla website, a WordPress website and a Duda website, it's all basically same, but each process is a little bit different. So I thought I'd show you all, all three. Let's go to the screen. Okay.

How to add alt tags in Joomla

So we are in the back end of a Joomla website. Just made a page here called soup because I happen to have an image of soup from a food blog that I worked on at one point. Anyway there's the image I've already inserted it into the article and in Joomla and the version that I have. You right Click and click image. And over here, you have two options, image, description, and image title. You should do both.

Mike Zittel - SEO Speaker (00:56):
This is specifically about alt tags. So the actual thing that creates the alt tag in Joomla is image description right here. So then there is a title, title is another way to get some more SEO keywords related to your image on to the image in the text is I'll show you next. But first we would just say, okay, and then say, and nothing changed, but actually it did. What happened is in the back end. If we look right here, we've looked at the source code inspect, there's the image, there's the title of the image. And then we have the alt tag right there, bowl of soup image description, so that how you do it in Joomla, let's pop over to a WordPress website.

How to add alt tags in Wordpress

We already have a page added and we added an image right there, Mr robot. And all we have to do is click these three dots, say show more settings.

Mike Zittel - SEO Speaker (02:03):
And voila! Here, we have the alt tag box. And in this case it's going to be called, you know, Mr. Robot, holding a laptop demo of alt tags. There you go. So that's how you do it in WordPress. Now let's go over to the Duda website that we've been working on.

How to add alt tags in Duda

So here's an image here and it pops up, you know, some functionality. And if I scroll down, we can see I've already added alt text to this image, but right there, alt text is where you would enter your alt text. So it's just that simple, nice thing with DUDA, you don't have to hit save or anything. It auto does it just close it and it's already saved. And then up here you would republish, et cetera. So that's how you add an alt tag to an image in Joomla, WordPress, and DUDA.

Mike Zittel - SEO Speaker (03:02):
And of course, other editors and CMS systems will have something similar. They may not always call it an Alt tag like Joomla. They called it description. However, all good CMS systems are going to have some type of alt tag function that you can use to add alt tags. And if you're hand coding, of course, then you would just hand code the alt tag to your image tag. All right, that's it for today. See you next time. If you like this video, you found it helpful, please like, and subscribe. It helps encourage me to keep making more tutorials. Thanks for your time. Bye.

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