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Local Business Schema | Duda | SEO tutorial Dallas TX

Local Business Schema | Duda | SEO tutorial Dallas TX

Learn how to generate and add local schema markup to a Duda website and improve your search engine optimization. *Schema get's pretty geeky, but it is important to understand the Google really, really, really likes Schema mark up. If you work with and SEO consultant, be sure they know how to implement Schema properly. Bad Schema can hurt your ranking.

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Transcript of local business schema

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Introduction to Schema

Michael Zittel - SEO Speaker (00:00):
Hey, it's Mike with Serr.biz Search engine ranking rules. And today we're gonna take a look at schema. Schema markup. It's a bit geeky and it's pretty technical. And I don't really recommend that local business owners try to go it alone. It's like I said, it's pretty geeky. However, you should be aware of what schema is. And as we talked about earlier in the tutorial series, schema is hidden code that Google really likes. It helps Google understand what your page is about. It also can result in site links, showing up in the search results which I'm sure you've seen. You might type in something and there'll be a website or just FAQ. Well, that's created through schema and rich Tech's markup, et cetera. However, why it's important for you to know about schema is if you're gonna hire out your SEO, make sure your consultant knows what schema is and can prove it to you because bad schema can also mess up your site.

Michael Zittel - SEO Speaker (01:04):
So it's something you wanna be careful with and make sure you implement it. Now, we're gonna jump over to the computer and we're gonna implement a little bit of local schema for this local website. And then we're going to insert it into our sample site, our Duda website even though it's being done in Duda in this instance you should be able to implement it on pretty much any of your other platforms such as WordPress, Shopify, et cetera. A lot of those have plugins that you can get. So anyway, let's jump over to the computer and get cracking.

Michael Zittel - SEO Speaker (01:42):
Okay. So we're over at our tutorial actually, let's pop over to the target website where we're gonna implement local schema markup. It's gonna be this website again, TKA dojo, and we want to implement a bit of mark, which tells Google very specifically our address and so forth. So there's no way that Google can mistake what our address is and the fact that we're a local business, et cetera. Now, we like a tool for this called schema markup generator. It's by technicalseo.com. It's a very good tool. It has all the basic things that you want. So you just go to this URL and it'll be in the footer below and choose local business right here. And then you just fill out the information name URL for the logo the URL of the website, phone number, price range, et cetera.

Schema generator

Michael Zittel - SEO Speaker (02:42):
Once you have this all implemented, you can also include some of your social media links, which is always good. Over here, you're gonna have some code. So once it's created, just grab the code over here, you can just select it, all, scroll up like that, and then you would copy it to your clipboard. Then over in DDA itself in the editor area, you go to settings and then head HTML and we already have it open. And you would just, you know, paste in the code here. Now, technically speaking with a little customization for this website, because they have two addresses that tool doesn't really allow you to do that, to have two addresses. So we had to do some customization now we would just hit save and it gets implemented. And then of course you have to republish. It's already done for us, so we're not gonna bother doing that.

Add Schema markup to Duda

Michael Zittel - SEO Speaker (03:50):
And then when you refresh the page, nothing's changed. No, because it's hidden code. You don't see it. You could look at the source code if you want. Here, will see if we can find it. Let's type schema. And here are some of the schema markup right here schema, blah, blah, blah, blah. Now Duda has a default function when you're building an actual page for schema markup for FAQ. So like right here, this is an FAQ widget that is prebuilt into Duda. And not only does it create a nice pleasing visual FAQ on your website, it also generates the schema markup for it. So that's how you implement schema, the local aspect anyway on your Duda website, again, you can take that code and insert it into the header of your WordPress website, your Joomla website. Not so much with Shopify.

Validate your Schema

Michael Zittel - SEO Speaker (04:55):
You can, but that gets more geeky and so forth. One thing that you do want to do once you implemented it is go to this website, validator.schema.org, put in the URL where you've added the schema and run the validator. And we've already done that here. And you can see, you know, we've got organization one item that's valid, and we have an FAQ that cause we did it on the homepage. Other things that you might want to add are your reviews. When you have them, if you have recipes, there's a whole schema markup for recipes. Videos also have schema markup. So there's lots and lots of things you can add via schema to your website that won't affect the visual presentation of it. But Google will really, really, really like it. So another place you can test to see if your markup is good is to go to Google search councole itself. And over here, they have a bunch of items that are checking for schema, markup and rich texts. And in this case, we can see that TKA dojo Google has found the logo seven times and they're valid. It is found the FAQ markup and it's valid. So you wanna keep an eye on this stuff and make sure that you're not creating bad schema, bad schema is worse than no schema. So there you go.

SEO Notes

Michael Zittel - SEO Speaker (06:29):
Okay. So that's how you implement very basic local business schema into every page to the website, in this case it was Duda, and we did it through the global settings. So if you have any questions, feel free to leave a comment below. Also know that we are going to be doing a longer video and tutorial just on schema and the ways you can use it to improve your search engine optimization. All right. Thanks for watching. Be sure to like, and subscribe my name's Mike with Serr.biz. See you next time.

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