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How to find relevant backlinks | Local SEO tutorial | Dallas

In this video tutorial we explore how to easily find competitor backlinks.

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Find competitor backlinks and improve your search engine optimization


Mike Z - SEO Speaker (00:00):
Hey, it's Mike with Serr.biz search engine ranking rules dominate your niche. And today we're gonna take a look at how to build backlinks. Now, this is a whole big industry in and of itself. If you decide to use a service provider for that, be careful, there's a lot of spammy places out there that can actually hurt your website. For most local companies you're not gonna need to do any big paid service besides Yext, which we'll talk about in another video. Finding backlinks is really, really important. Finding quality community, content relevant backlinks to your local business will help you grow. And it's not that hard to identify where to get the backlink. It's pretty simple. The way we like to do it especially for a local business, is to identify who the top players are.

Find top competitors and search their name in Google

Mike Z - SEO Speaker (00:58):
So, you know, you need to run a little SEO audit on your competitors, find out who's in the top 10, then run a backlink, search on them. There's two ways that we like to do it. One is simply yo go to Google type in the competitors' domain name in quotes and see what shows up. We'll show you how to do that in a second and also Ahref backlink checker. So let's just jump over to the site and we'll show you how it's done. Okay. So we are over on Google and we're basing this in line with the karate class that we've been working with in this tutorial. So one of their competitors is DallasKenpo.com. So as you can see, we just put their name in quotes and then did a search. So obviously the first thing that shows up is their own website.

Mike Z - SEO Speaker (01:50):
But if you keep scrolling, you can see they have a Facebook page. So that tells you, you definitely want a Facebook page, same thing with Instagram, mobile, Twitter, Next Door, easy link to get, we've got webrate.org. You know, I've never really heard of this, this just take a look real quick. You know, they're just kind of a, looks like a, kind of a junky, you know, aggregate directory type site that doesn't really have a whole lot of real information about the company. Not even sure there's a backlink there. I wouldn't bother with them. What's more important though, is let's go on to the next page, zoom info, same type of thing, four square. That can be good. Glassdoor. That's really more business profile for prospective employees. So yeah, if you want to be there. Okay. This is probably interesting Dallas.KidsOutAndAbout.com. So that's a Sub domain. Let's take a look at that profile real quick and kids out about . This camp. So forth. I mean, I'm not gonna spend a whole lot of time here, but if you were

Mike Z - SEO Speaker (03:00):
TKA dojo Yeah. You'd wanna find out probably how to get listed here. So that would be A community local Community type sites that you'd want to get listed on. Let's go back. See what else we can find Dallas Observer. I bet that's a, it's probably a newspaper. What did they get? I support Dallas Observer. Local .. looks like it's some type of profile, so that's a local news site. So that would be good to get listed on if possible, even better to get listed in an article somewhere on Dallas Observer other things let's see physical medicine, not sure what that one's about. Something to look at quick, after school clubs, where there's PTA. That would be really awesome. If you can get on PTA sites or.edu or.gov sites, those are gold. So that's how you can do it in Google. Now.

Use Ahrefs.com

Mike Z - SEO Speaker (04:00):
Let's take a look at the ahref.com backlink checker. We just put in the profile and now Ahrefs.com Is saying they've got 2,552 backlinks 44% are do follow. So you can just go through here. So they're on something called mom collective. That's probably a good place to get subdomain again, Dallas active kids. That's probably something to get into. Curiously. They've gotten into Wikipedia, probably under the owner's profile. If they have one, if there's some sort of celebrity noteworthy, they got into Wikipedia, Wikipedia is great. If you can get it. But there's other lower hanging fruit. Dallas Observer. Again there's some Russian site Wikipedia et cetera.

So, That is how you can find relevant backlinks. And then You do have to take the effort to, you know, contact people, check out the websites, Et cetera.You want to pay attention to the local ones and or

The Topic relevant sites. You know,

Mike Z - SEO Speaker (05:06):
If, this is a karate dojo studio, you probably don't wanna wind up on a shoe site somewhere. Right. It's completely irrelevant. But you do want to take the time, look
For that and make that effort. It's time consuming back Links. Good backlinks take time. That's just all there is to it. There is a little bit of a shortcut that I'll give you a quick boost. That's called Yex. That's a paid service. I'll talk about that in the next video. If you have any questions or comments, please leave them below and thanks for watching. Be sure to like, and subscribe my name's Mike with search engine ranking rules,

Mike Z - SEO Speaker (05:43):
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