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Linkedin More than finding a job

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Linked In - More than finding a job

How LinkedIn Can Do More Than Just Attract Jobseekers
LinkedIn offers a great job posting service that employers and jobseekers alike find easy and intuitive to use. But this is not where the value of LinkedIn ends for businesses. This platform is just as powerful for marketing as Facebook or Twitter – if you take advantage of its unique features. Where other social media sites are geared toward updates and messaging, LinkedIn is focused on groups and profiles.
There are numerous venues for discussion and connection that can make excellent business-to-business networking opportunities. Let’s explore some of the ways a business can take advantage of this excellent platform to generate sales leads and more.
Get It Online, Make It Great
Just as with any other social media platform, the more effort and enthusiasm you put into your profile and activities, the more valuable it will be. There are many features of LinkedIn that businesses are taking advantage of in unique ways.
Some like to think of a LinkedIn profile as an interactive showcase of their business. The platform has incredible ways to show off what they do and their personality. Consider the following outlets:
  • Status updates. Regular updates keep the organization’s name in the discussion.
  • Events. The platform allows users to promote events, a great tool for an organization sponsoring a training session or informational gathering.
  • Tweets. LinkedIn is connected to Twitter and can republish content from a business’ feed.
  • Recommendations. This is an excellent way for customers to give back to your business by providing reviews and touting your specialized skills.
  • Huddle workspaces. This allows for collaborations in a secure online space for business partnerships.
  • Reading lists. Users can connect the page to an Amazon feed with product recommendations.
  • Presentations. SlideShare and Google Drive files can be shared right on a profile, allowing a business to show off their talents in a Prezi or PowerPoint.
  • Polls. Conduct free market research through the tool built into the platform.
  • Recommendations. As part of its focus on community, LinkedIn makes it easy to get recommendations from connections.
  • Creative portfolios. Show off your work on your profile, which is great for marketing and creative organizations.
There are a few other great features on this platform that can grow your brand. It is an excellent tool for building a company’s reputation and establishing a trustworthy and recognizable brand.
Become an Influencer
LinkedIn creates a special network of thought leaders it calls “influencers.” This is an excellent way to raise awareness of a brand or the company leadership.
Answering questions on the site and interacting in discussions can result in the title being granted, offering more opportunities to raise your profile. Once you are recognized as a thought leader, it adds cachet and notoriety to your profile and drives traffic to a company’s main site. Recently, LinkedIn posed a question to all of its influencers. Their answers started a discussion that was part of an ongoing marketing campaign the company is doing.
Consider your efforts on this platform as another kind of marketing campaign. In doing this, it will create a dialog where participants generate content for you, providing frequent and interesting status updates that attract users to your page.
Cross-Promote Your Other Efforts
Many users are generating traffic to their sites through cross promotion. This ties in directly with the features linking to other social sites.
Making excellent use of this capability means keeping users consuming content from sources holding your business’ brand. It would be great if you could keep users on sites you control as they get the content they want; with LinkedIn, you can do exactly that. Posting updates about other social profiles is another good way to do this. It creates a direct link to presences on other platforms.
Doing this also makes your social media presence more powerful because it can become a hub of useful information for the audience you want to convert. LinkedIn allows you to take even greater advantage of the networking capabilities of social media.
Use LinkedIn for Marketing Efforts
Hopefully by now you will not be looking at LinkedIn as just a resume or job posting board. It is a fully realized platform for marketing and research businesses are already using with great results.
Look around on the site at other company profiles for inspiration and never be afraid to steal ideas. What has worked for others may be successful for you, and there is no harm in trying. Think about adding a LinkedIn profile to your business’ social media presence. It could be the missing link in your digital marketing strategy.

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