Hootsuite Love List - Check most loved social brands

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Find top social brands each month

Ever wonder who the top social brands are? Wonder no more. Check out Hootsuite's LOVE LIST, which compiles a list of the top 450 social brands based not only on likes and followers but also on a big data from their uberUV platform. They combine the following items to determine a companies score.

  • Total mentions a brand receives
  • Sentiment score of a brand (Human and machine learning to determine sentiment)
  • Use of the word "love" in mentions of brand.
    (Tip. Start using the word/hash tag #love in your in-bound marketing. Though, it's best if customers do it. :)

Any brand that's serious about knowing their competition should check this chart at least once a month.

Love List Screenshot Feb 12 2015

Hootsuite also provides a service to see what your social brand score is. Just visit this link to request your score. https://hootsuite.com/lovelist/custom-report

Author: Michael Zittel : SB