5 Secrets of a Good SEO Writer

5 Secrets to GOOD SEO writer

5 Secrets of a Good SEO Writer

SEO writers are experts at optimizing text content online in such a manner that that specific page is highly likely to turn up in first search results. SEO is a very common concept but not everyone can master it as it requires a strategic mind and techniques to be implemented. SEO writers are a big part of SEO services and SEO firms and they are specialized in their field of work. Here are 5 secrets that make SEO writers so good at their work:

  1. Keyword Research: Keywords are one of the main factors that can drive traffic to a website or webpage. A writer engage in extensive research for the type of page they are writing for and they then make use of the keywords in the optimized content they write for businesses and other clients. Keyword research is very complex and many good writers make use of spreadsheet application to note down the keywords, their search numbers, SEO importance, etc. Additionally, good Search Engine Optimization writers know HOW to add keywords in the content. They adapt a natural manner which does not even make the page look like it is trying to implement SEO.
  2. Attract Visitors: Good e-marketing writers know that only getting a page on high search rankings is not enough – they have to make content attractive enough to actually be something users will want to click. What’s the point of being high in search results if people are only going to scroll down to other results? Therefore, these writers make sure the content they write is something people care about.
  3. Proper Word Usage and Limit: Any content is better than no content but good Search Engine Optimization writers know just how many words to make use of. Search engines tend to give longer content more attention therefore these writers focus on making the content at least more than 300 words but at the same time, they know their limits as well and try to keep it under 1,500 words.
  4. Edit and proofread: Like all good writers, this is one of SEO writers’ secret too. To be truly professional and worthy of being “clicked at”, the content needs to be professionally written without errors and mistakes. A good writer will always proofread his or her work before sending it in.
  5. Links: Only good SEO writers know how to make use of links in content that will actually count as good SEO technique and NOT spam or irrelevant content. They can make use of the best links to add to their optimized content, which really makes a difference. If links are used properly and relevantly, Google search results will be likely to be a place that specific page conquer. Links, contrary to popular belief, have not died out and not all of them are considered spam or irrelevant – it only takes a good SEO writer to know one and implement the right links to the content.

Author: Pears Jobs - SEO specialist and cofounder at Seoland.co.za

Pears Jobs