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Count down to a slower internet

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Countdown to a slower internet - Fight for net neutrality now!

The fight for net neutrality is on again. To help illustrate what is at stake, the folks at FightForTheFuture.org have set up BattleForTheNet.com which has a variety of protest widgets and a wealth of related resources to help YOU PROTEST the potentail slowdown of the internet that Comcast and other cable companies are fighting for. (How will they slow down the net? They want to start charging websites for faster service and delivery times. In short, big companies will be forced to pay more to be seen at faster speeds. The added cost will of course be passed on to consumers. And, smaller companies and organizations will simple be put in the slow lane if they can't afford to be in the fast lane. That too will hurt as small business is what drives America. So, to join the protest and raise awareness of the pending vote on Feb 26th, just add one of these countdown widgets to your site, share it, and visit BattleForTheNet.com for more details.

Widget code:

<div><script src="//fightforthefuture.github.io/countdown-widget/widget.min.js"></script></div>


More widgets available at BattleForTheNet.com.

Be sure to find and follow FightForTheFuture.orgvia this social brand page.

Here's an entertaining, yet informative video about what Net Neutrality is all about..

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