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How do I create a Facebook business page?

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How do I create a business page in Facebook.com?

Preparation: Create a "profile" image that is 350x350 pixels. Create a "cover" photo that is 851x315 pixels. Save the images somewhere you can find them on your computer.

Step 1: Login into your personal Facebook page. In the upper right, click the little down arrow and select Create A Page.

  • 1-create

Step 2: Of the various choices available, choose the one that most relevant to your business type and goals. In this tutorial we selected Business. *If you have a Geo specific customer base, be sure to select LOCAL.

  • 2-selecttype

Step 3: After choosing the TYPE, you'll have the option to select the CATEGORY you wish to be in. In our case, we selected MEDIA / NEWS / PUBLISHING.

  • 3-selectcategory

Step 4: After choosing a category, you'll have the option of choosing a name. This most likely will be your exact company name. In our case it's SocialBrands.Today.

Tip: You may want to add a keyword to help in your in-bound and SEO marketing. For example, if you are a real estate agent working for a larger broker serving the NYC market, you might want to put your NAME and NYC Real Estate. It is import to consider this carefully. What if you change geo locations at some point? What if you change brokerage firms?

  • 4-addname

Step 5: Next, you'll need to add a description. Be thoughtful and succinct. Try to keywords relevant to your business. *This can easily be changed at any time so don't sweat this to much.

  • 5-about

Step 6: Remember the 350x250px image we suggested you make in preparation? Now is when we need it. On the profile tab, select UPLOAD and find the 350x350 pixel image you made and upload it. *Technically, the size is smaller than 350x350px, but we've found this size to useful in more than just Facebook.

  • 6-profilepicture

Step 7: This step is option, but why skip it? With just ONE click you'll "Favorite" your own page, and it will also be available in the LEFT column of personal page home feed.

  • 7-favoritesnext

Step 8: At the time of this writing, FB automatically suggests that you pay to promote your new page. We think it's premature. The page is brand new and has no content, nor a COVER image. We recommend SKIPPING this step until you have set up your page with a proper cover photo and posted at least one item such as "Just setting up our Facebook Business Page". In truth, if you are new to FB business pages, you may want to add a couple more photos and links via the status updates so the page doesn't look so barren.

  • 8-skippromote

Step 9: Now we ready to add a COVER photo. Your cover photo is the 851x315 image you made at the beginning of this tutorial. Simple select it and upload.

  • 9-coverphoto

Finished! Enjoy your new Facebook business page.

  • 91-finishpage

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