How do I create a Twitter account?

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How do I set up a Twitter Business Page?

Technically speaking, there is no difference between a personal or business Twitter account. It's just a matter of what you "name it" and use it for. With that said, here is a tutorial to walk you through the process.

Preparation: Create a 350x350 pixel "profile" photo. This will be auto=resized for the various displays in Twitter. Also, create a 1500 px by 500 image to be used as your Twitter Cover.

Step 1: Go to, fill out info for "create new account" and click sign up.

Step 2: After clicking SIGN UP, you'll be taken to a quick summary page. Here you need to ADD a USERNAME. Most likely that will be your business name, but there are character limits so you may need to abbreviate, or make up a name that is keyword dense related to your business services. For example. If you business name is Organic Foods Incorporated, that's to long. You only have 15 characters to work with. So, in this case you might want to just shorten it to OrganicFoodsInc. Or, if that's taken, and you serve New York City, you might try OrganicFoodsNYC. You get the idea.

Step 3: After selecting your username, the system will email you a confirmation link, and take you to the next page, which is just and intro. Just click "Let's go." and you'll be taken to the next step.

Step 4: Here Twitter requires that you select some "topics" of interest to you. They will then recommend numerous Tweeters you may want to follow. Click "continue".

Step 5: On this page you will see the suggested Tweeters to follow. You can delete those you do not want to follow. Then, click follow and "continue".

Step 6: On the next page, Twitter wants you to invite your friends. We do not recommend this yet because the Twitter account doesn't have a cover or profile picture yet. So, we recommend to SKIP email invites at the moment. Later, you can go back and invite your friends and business contacts.

Step 7: Technically, your basic account is now set up. However, we strongly suggest you follow the next steps and set a custom profile and cover image. So, now, just click the EGG icon, which is the place holder for the profile picture. Then, click the CAMERA, UPLOAD and select the 350x350 pixel image you made and stored on your computer.

Step 8: Now, le'ts add a nice cover photo. *This will be the 1500 x 500 pixel image you already made. To start, just click the camera icon in the cover photo area which is above the profile picture. Choose upload and select your 1500 x 500 image.

Step 10: Now, one last step. We want to add a description and web address to your profile. So, click EDIT PROFILE.

Step 11: Add your bio / description, web site address, location and change the theme color if you like. Save.

Now, if you like, you can invite all your contacts to follow you on Twitter.