How do I create a Google Plus business page?

How to create a Google Plus page for business?


1) To have a Google Plus account, you first need to set up a GMAIL account.

2) Prepare profile picture of at least 250px by 250px and a cover image of at least 900px x 500px.

3) Decide which type of account you will want: Local business, organization, community, etc. If you are a local business serving a GEO specific location, or just want to take advantage of GOOGLE MAP listings, which often show above non-map listing, create a LOCAL account.

Step 1:
Login to your gmail and go to

  • loginviewall

Step 2:
Choose business type. In this case, we will select Service Area because we want to show up in Google Maps for our corporate office location. *Later, if we like, we can always add more locations or brand Google Plus pages.

  • 2-getpage

Step 3 and 4 : Locate your business as it may already be listed in Google Maps but unclaimed. In our case, it's all brand new, so we added our name and address accordingly. Through the process you'll also be asked to Verify your listing. This is MUST DO. Be sure to Click the "I am authorized.."

  • 3-choosetype

  • 4-locate-addbusiness

Step 5: This step asks to send you a postcard with an authorization code. This is VERY import. Agree to it and be sure to notify your staff that there will be a postcard coming from Google. It looks like junk mail, but it is NOT.

  • 5-sendpostcard

Step 6: Now, your local business page is made. You see a new page. The first thing to do is choose a profile picture. Just click the default profile image, and upload an image. It's best if the image is 250px by 250px or larger and will look good when a circle mask is automatically applied to it.

  • 6-selectprofilephoto

Step 7: Since you are here, you might as well go ahead and optimize your local business page. Add your phone, website, category, hours and a 3 additional photos. You can also buy a virtual tour. As of yet, we've never had a client willing to do this, nor have we needed it for our offices, so we cannot say if it helps or not. Though, we suspect it might. However, it is not mandatory.

  • 7-optimize

Step 8: Oddly, your Google Map and Google Plus page both have different layouts, even though it's all your Google Plus page. The last thing to do is now edit your Google Plus cover. In the upper right click the link that says +yourcompanyname. Hover over the generic cover photo and click CHANGE. Select UPLOAD, and navigate to your cover image on your harddrive, then UPLOAD.

  • 8-editcover

Now, we can start adding posts, photos, videos and networking as our business name vs using a personal account.

IMPORTANT: Be sure to keep a look out for the verification postcard. Once you've verified your listing, it will start showing in local search results as well as unlock a variety of reporting tools associated with your new local business page.