How do I create a LinkedIn Group?

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How do I set up a LinkedIn Group?

Setting up a LinkedIn group is fairly simple. To set up a basic group prepare the following.

  • Have a personal LinkedIn account
  • Logo - 750x500 pixels. Will automatically be reduced to 100x50 and 60x30 respectively. Max file size is 100mb.

Hero Image (aka cover) - 646x200 pixels. Max size 2mb. *We have found making the image the exact size is the best as LinkedIn's cropping tool is not very good and you'll just save time by creating your "hero" image the right size to begin with.
  • Decide what you want to call your group ahead of time.
  • Write an small summary which will be seen BEFORE a user joins and in search results on LinkedIn and in their directory.
  • Write a longer description which will be AFTER a user has joined.
  • Decide if you want to make your group OPEN or CLOSED (Invite only). If you are trying to "grow" a new group and do not currently have a strong network, you may want to make it open.

Step 1: Log into your LinkedIn personal account. In the top menu go to Interests > Groups.

Step 2: On the GROUP page, in the lower right click CREATE GROUP.

Step 3: A long DETAILS page opens. Here you can add your logo, set group name, summary, etc. Be sure to ADD your WEB ADDRESS. Your group members may well want to visit your website.

Step 4: Once the primary info is completed about your group you'll be asked to INVITE members. You can upload a file of emails, manually enter or use your LINKEDIN address book. In this tutorial we used the LINKEDIN address book. When done adding upto 50 contacts, save to close the address book, scroll down and click save to send the invites.

Step 5: Now, you can ADD a "hero" image as LinkedIn call it. It is also known as a "cover" image. Whatever the jargon, click the EDIT HERO button.

Step 6: You'll be taken back to the EDIT page and have the option to UPLOAD the 646 x 200 pixel image you have already prepared.

Your new group page is now created and ready for discussions to begin.

Note: Once you've set up your basic group page, be sure to explore the various permission, email notification settings, etc in the left column.