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2 Facebook Open Graph plugins for Joomla 3.3

2 Facebook Open Graph plugins for Joomla 3.3

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2 Facebook Open Graph plugins for Joomla 3.3

Making sure that Facebook grabs the right photo for your Joomla content when sharing is important. However, Joomla, by default does NOT incorporate Open Graph tags, though it should. No worries though. There are a variety of paid and free plugins. We tested the following 2 free version. Neither is perfect as a free solution, but what do you want for FREE? Of the two, we recommend Links with Article Images On Facebook.

Links with Article Images Facebook OG

Links with Article Images On Facebook:

This is a light weight version of the more robust Pro version. It installs easily and works mostly as described. However, the light weight version does NOT grab the default Joomla intro or full image. Instead, it grabs the first image it finds in the body. In our case, it found a SIGE image, which was OK. Not ideal, but OK. We can't complain though. It is free and works better than having no Facebook Open Graph tags.

JED Links with Images On Facebook : Download Link

At the time of writing, this extension was listed first in the JED and had 5 stars from 20 reviews. The Pro version is $5 Euros.

Simple Facebook Meta

Simple Facebook Meta - Claims to work with Joomla 3.0, but unfortunately it did not properly grab the Joomla intro or full images. It also has ignore the SIGE images we had embedded in the article. It may grab a standard embeded image, but that defeats the purpose. It did however create the correct og:title, og:author, og:url and og: description tag. As for the back end it was super simple to set up. Just install, set description character limit and enable. Walla! OG tags. Maybe there will be an update soon and the og:image tag will be able to handle the Joomla article intro / full image. *Reviews of the 2.5 version suggest plugin does grab intro / full photos no problem, but that was not our experience.

JED Simple Facebook Meta | Download Link

At the time of writing, plugin had 4.5 stars and 6 reviews.

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