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Is the secret to effective social brand marketing the people

Is the secret to effective social brand marketing the people?

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Is the secret to effective social brand marketing the people? In this article "The Secret To Turning the World Into Your Publisher" over at Klout, they explore how the people behind a brand, and the people who follow the brand are what make social media effective, not a particular platform. In the article, hip hop legend Funk Flex, explained how he lost market share when he focused to much on MySpace. He forgot, or neglected, the people. Since then, he's focused more on his own web site, and utilizes a variety of social networks to engage people. The three take away points are

1. Focus on people, not platforms.
2. Do this through authentic engagement.
3. Reap the benefits of brand awareness, customer loyalty and market feedback.

Now, this is all fine and good for a musician and other "personality" driven "brands", but how does it apply to a local hair salon or hardware store?

One simple way to bring the "people" behind your brand to the forefront of your social marketing is video. For this discussion, let's explore a fictitious hair salon. Let's say you've brought in a new product line of an amazing shampoo that you want to promote. You could very easily video a couple of the beauticians giving themselves, or a willing customer, a wash and blow dry. A loose script might read like this.

Jenny: Hi, I'm Jenny, the owner of Beauty Salon in Middle Town USA. We've brought in a new conditioning line called Silky Smooth that we just love. Babes, one of our favorite customers, has volunteered to test it for us. So, Babes, let's start.

(Speed through montage of Jenny and Babes talking as Jenny washes Babes hair and blows it out.)

Jenny: So, Babes, what do think? Color looks great. How's it feel?

Babes: Wonderful. It's so silky and full. I'm off to find the perfect dress now.

Jenny: I'm so glad you like. Bye. (Babes exits). So, ladies, be sure to ask for Silky Smooth at your next wash and blow dry appoint.


In the above script, we get a little personality from the owner and get to see some of the clientele of the salon, as well as the interior of the space. Once the video is ready, it should be uploaded to the salons Youtube channel and embedded on the parent site. Then the parent site's url should be distributed through the salons social network.

This process could, of course, be repeated on a regular and consistent basis for the salon. It could easily be translated into a new product offering at a local hardware store as well.

Author: Michael Zittel

Image Credits: Rubert Taylor-Price - Blow dry , Takashi Ota Shampoo bottles

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