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Should every business should have a LINKED IN company page?

Should every business should have a LINKED IN company page?

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Should every business should have a LINKED IN company page?

Short Answer: Yes. It's free and good for branding as well as SEO and more. If you don't have one yet, here is a tutorial. If you need more convincing, read on.

Longer answer:

LINKEDIN is an online social networking website for professionals, with a user database access of over 120million people LINKEDIN has carved a niche for itself in the social media technological race, reaching out to professionals all over the world with skills and expertise that’s needed by companies, corporations and organizations at large. This brings us to the discussion of the functional importance of LINKEDIN page for businesses as vs the personal LINKEDIN page.

LINKEDIN Business Page Demystified?

A LINKEDIN business Page is a free tool embedded in the LINKEDIN social professional networking platform for companies and business’ to display and showcase their identity, organization, corporation, business to the LINKEDIN social professional networking community and the world at large.

The following are the features of the LINKEDIN business page:

  • It Is Free
  • Information On The Organization Can Be Displayed
  • Overview Of Company
  • Products And Services Rendered By Company
  • Career Opportunity In Company
  • Tools To Self-Promote Your Business
  • A Forum For LINKEDIN Members

With all these features the LINKEDIN business page sure has a lot of advantage to the personal linked page because it is an effective tool for publicity and brand awareness.


Visibility And Exposure: Business pages are meant to give business’ visibility, awareness and exposure and this is one major business need that the LINKEDIN business page avails business’ that the personal LINKEDIN page doesn’t

Tool For Brand Promotion: With the LINKEDIN business page, business’ has the ability to sponsored updates to promote brand awareness, organizations product and services to a target audience with huge success as compared to the personal LINKEDIN page that is just for personal use.

A Tool For Organizational Communication: On LINKEDIN business’ and organizations can communicate and monitor staffs and employees and those who have listed your company or business as their current position making your business page a click-able link from each person’s personal profile.
Search Engine Optimization Capability: LINKEDIN with its search engine optimization capabilities makes it possible for business pages to be seen when prospective clients and customers search for products and services rendered by your business or organization.

A Tool For Organizational Sales And Marketing: LINKEDIN business pages because of its search engine optimization capabilities can be used to achieve organizational sales and marketing goals by leveraging the people and employees on your LINKEDIN network.

A Tool For Recruiting Employees: The LINKEDIN business page can be used by business’ and organization to recruit top rated and excellent professionals as employees as this is the main distinct feature of the LINKEDIN network.

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