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How to Create a Social Media Campaign that Matters

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Social Media Tips
How to Create a Social Media Campaign that Matters
Social media integration into a website is incredibly important for anyone who wants to take complete advantage of its massive potential. A website that seamlessly integrates, promotes and includes social media as a part of its overall marketing strategy is one that puts itself in a strong place for success. But, how do you do that and what do you need to look out for? Well below we’re going to show you the best practices to ensure you get the most from social media when adding it to your website.
Visibility Matters
Social media buttons need to be visible and need to be apparent at a point in the page where people constantly have them in eyeshot. Eye tracking studies suggest that the top right hand corner of a page is the most looked at point of a website. However, what happens when you scroll down, as you do in blog posts. Well, there are a number of floating social media bars that float down the page with the scroll, ensuring that the option to share is always available.
Use Matters
If you want to make more of your site’s social media efforts, make sure that you utilise the specific social media pages in question. One of the biggest faux pas that a small business new to social media often makes is that they set up too many accounts and don’t offer a quality experience on any of them. If you want people to take notice of you on social media then a constant presence is a necessity and you need to actively manage the account.
Tools Matter
If you want to create a formidable social media presence then you’re going to need to utilise tools and fortunately, there are plenty on the market.
Social media tools such as Buffer and Dashboards such as Hootsuite are excellent additions to any campaign. And though you shouldn’t use them on automatic completely, they can be an excellent addition to a social media effort and help you make the most of things when you’re physically not there to do so. From scheduling, to automated following, to keeping an eye on how things are progressing, they can potentially make a big difference.
Analytics Matter
A social media campaign without a point of focus, or tools to monitor how you get from one point to another is not advisable. Social media and social media audiences are very subjective and though the basics and best practices apply, often what works well for one campaign, doesn’t for another. This means that you need to monitor specific and individual analytics to make the very most of the time you spend.
Remember the Changes
Reading up on social media and staying abreast of the latest changes allows you to see what’s happening and what’s still working and what’s not. Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and all the rest constantly change and alter their algorithms, so what worked well six months ago in terms of posts and reach, may not work well now. Keeping on top of the latest industry news and views is important. Social media is a relatively new and also very dynamic landscape where things constantly change and business owners need to be aware of that.
In addition, terms of service are also important. For example, terms around competitions, what’s okay to offer and even contact details in photos change all the time and you need to understand these changes to ensure no mistakes are made – no one wants an account banned.
These are just some of the things that small businesses should do when integrating a marketing plan for social media or trying to include it more in their website. It’s important and it can help make a big difference to your campaign.

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