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JenGallizzo.com Crofton, MD local SEO Audit

JenGallizzo.com Crofton, MD local SEO Audit

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JenGallizzo.com, a professional organizer based on Crofton, MD requested a free SEO audit of her website. The target keyword phrase she suggested was "professional organizer". That phrase, according to Google Adwords, has a national search volume of over 9,000 searches per month. She already utilizes Google Adwords and has a Google Map listing.

Regarding her search engine ranking, she has none. We searched in private mode so as not to bias results with our web history. She did not show up in the top ten or twenty of the search phrase "professional organizer". However, Google Map listings did show above the organic results, and she is ranked in Google maps at about number 15. This means she has an opportunity to increase you SERP by gathering some reviews and utilizing Googles new "post" functions.

Watch video SEO tips for this local Crofton business

Points to improve SEO for local Crofton, MD company

As for the 22 point audit, she passed 20 of the elements. However, she's could improve the following.

1) Expand meta description tag. Her current meta tag simply reads: "Jen Gallizzo Professional Organizer - Simplify your space."

She might want to increase the length and target additional keywords. For example:

Jen Gallizzo is a professional organizer. Contact her to simplify and organize your home or business. Call now for a free organization consultation.

2) Structured Data: Did not pass validation on MicroFormats.
Her site does have some micro formats and Schema.org markup, which is excellent. However, the Google validation tool showed a couple errors.

Though the site did pass most of the test elements it does not have organic ranking.


The biggest culprit for a lack of organic ranking, even though the site has very good technical seo, is likely the following items.

1) Domain authority and Backlinks

The MOZ domain authority for jengallizzo.com is just a 4. The top rated non national, local site for the search phrase "Professional Organizer" is http://www.organizebaltimore.com/ and has a Moz DA of 15. Additionally, they have 6K back links while jengallizzo.com has only 1 from 1 domain. Given this jengallizzo.com should actively seek to increase her in-bound links, which a content marketing campaign will help do.

2) Fine tuned optimization:

Jengallizzo.com if you download the report, you'll also see that JG does utilize header tags. That's great. However, the keywords used could be better optimized. For example:

H1 (1), H2 (6), H3 (2), H4 (6), H5 (0), H6 (0)

<H1>: Jen Gallizzo Professional Organizer
<H2>: About
<H2>: Services
<H2>: Blog
<H2>: Transformation!
<H2>: Transformation!
<H2>: Confident organization without judgement
<H3>: Let me help
<H3>: What I do

That is what is seen on the home page. She could optimize as follows.

H1 (1), H2 (6), H3 (2), H4 (6), H5 (0), H6 (0)

<H1>: Jen Gallizzo Professional Organizer
<H2>: Learn about our professional organization company
<H2>: Home and business Organizer Services
<H2>: Declutter Blog
<H2>: Transformation!
<H2>: Transformation!
<H2>: Confident organization without judgement
<H3>: Let me help organize your home or office
<H3>: What I do to declutter and get organized

Weaving in related semantic keywords should improve JenGallizzo.com organic ranking when combined with the other points of improvement listed above.

3) Fine Tune Internal Links for SEO

Additionally, if we take a little deeper look at her blog content it could also be optimized. For example, let's take a look at https://jengallizzo.com/i-want-to-do-it-i-think/ . Though the article is a sort of hybrid motivational talk combined with the process of getting organized, it misses some SEO opportunities. Let's start with the title of the article. "I want to do it…I think." This could easily have been optimized by modifying the title to be: "I want to do it (get organized)…I think." Additionally, through out the article she cross link to her other content on a variety of key terms. Internal linking is a great way to increase relevancy, especially if she expands the use of semantic keywords.

As always, we highly recommend a deep dive technical seo audit, keyword research, back link, and competitor review to establish SEO goals and monthly kpi's.

But, overall, good job JenGallizzo.com. Contact us if you would like to take your SEO to the next level.

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