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Fairfax VA Dentist seo : FairfaxDentistVa.com Review

Score: A-

Out of 22 on page elements reviewed, our SEO audit tool recorded 2 errors and 9 warnings for improvement for FairfaxDentistVa.com. The term used to find them in Google was "Fairfax Dentist VA". We gave this site and A- even though it has plenty of warning and one serious error. The reason is, despite the warnings and the old school keyword dense domain name, it does have first page ranking for a keyword variation, which you will see further down in the report. Also, the one "serious" error, is a pretty easy fix.

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Current organic ranking for target keyword phrase in Google

Keyword Phrase: "Fairfax VA Dentist".

Ranking: Page NA in Google out of 302 million pages related to "&airfax VA Dentist".

*Target website is number 1 in Google maps if the search phrase is adjusted to "&airfax Dentist VA". However, they are still missing from the non-map search results.