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We offer a FREE seo audit for any Maryland, DC or DMV area company that asks. There is no cost or obligation. The free audit focuses on 22 data points of the home page of your website and is followed up with a half hour phone conversation to explain the details, if so desired. All audits are conducted by a search engine optimization analyst, as is the follow up phone call. Whatever information we provide is 100% free. You may use the information to improve your search engine ranking as you see fit. To get started just complete the form on this page.


What's included in my free seo audit?

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Free SEO Audit

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What are the 22 data points covered in the free seo audit?

In every free seo audit, we look at the following 22 data points:

1) URL of page analyzed (Given that our free audit is limited to the home page, most companies pass this data point. However, not always. Are you using a proper domain name? What do your interior urls look like?

2) Canonical tags : Does your website use the canonical tag to let Google know the preferred version of your website? IE: vs vs vs

3) HTML Title Tag: Are you using targeted keywords in your title tag? Is your title tag long enough? Too long? What order are the keywords in?

4) Meta Description: Have you taken advantage of using meta descriptions? Or, is Google auto-writing descriptions of your home page in the SERP?

5) Meta Keyword Tag: In short, don't use it. Google ignores it, unless you've spammed it out. If that's the case, then you'll get a spam penalty. Bing considers its use in any capacity spam.

6) Heading Tags: Does your website use proper h1, h2, h3, etc. Do you heading tags give weight to your prime keyword phrase, services, topics?

7) Image Alt Tags: All images should have descriptive alt tags, this is good for SEO as well as usability, especially for the those visitors who use text readers. Ie: The visually impaired.

8) iFrames: Is your website loading all it's content in frames? We certainly hope not. This test also applies to AJAX.

9) Flash: Flash was cool, but it is not Apple compatible and using it will annoy all iPhone and iPad users. Plus, the content buried in Flash is not readable by Google.

10) Micro Formats / Every web site needs to use at least one of these hidden mark ups. Yes, it's more time consuming, but Google specifically encourages all website to use it. If you care about SEO, this is an absolute must.

11) Open Graph: This markup is specific to Facebook. It let's Facebook know what image / description to use when people share your site on Facebook. Using Open Graph is a great way to increase the keyword relevancy of the content of your website and manage your brand identity.

12) Twitter Cards: This markup does the same thing as Open Graph, but is specific to Twitter. Again, it's a great way to manage your brand and improve your seo by adding more readable content for Google to rank you for.

13) AMP (Accelerated mobile pages) : This is a special mark up created by Google specifically to help masters provide better mobile experience for searchers. It strips a page down to it's pure basics. For mobile searches Google tends to prefer showing AMP pages if available.

14) Meta Viewport: This tag is found on mobile friendly responsive websites. In today's world you absolutely must have a responsive mobile friendly website. If you do not, you need to rebuild your site ASAP.

15) Robots.txt: Do you use the Robot.txt file to help guide Google Bot and other spiders to the right area of your website? You should.

16) XML sitemaps: Generally, webmaster name their sitemap as sitemap.xml. Using a sitemap file generally indicated you are connected to Google Search Console, which is good for your SEO.

17) Language: Do you specify the language of your website?

18) Doc type: Do you specify the doc type of website?

19) Encoding: IE: UTF-8, etc. Do you specify the encoding of your site? This strengthens your SEO as well as prevents complications when rendering of your site in a browser.

20) Google Analytics : If you are serious about your website, and improving it through data-driven decisions, using Google Analytics is very important. The data you glean from GA, especially when connected to Google Search Console, is invaluable to improving your search engine optimization.

21) Favicon: Though not counted in Googles Algorithm, having a Favicon improves user experience, which does effect SEO.

22) SSL : Are you using SSL on your website. You really, really really should. It is STRONGLY recommend by Google and will ultimately become a requirement for all websites. Learn more >>

If you would like a FREE SEO audit of your home page, just contact us and we will get you in the que.


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