Maryland start video marketing with our green screen packages!

To help Maryland business owners get started with video marketing, we have set up a green screen studio for fast, cost effective production. Of course, if you want to shoot a more robust video with multiple locations, sets, wardrobe, etc we can do that. But, most small business owners like to start small and evolve. Explore our services below and contact us to get started today.

Did you know video marketing radically boosts search engine ranking and social engagement.

GREEN SCREEN video packages.

A green screen video is a professional SALES video of you (or a spokesperson) on GREEN SCREEN. We then replace the green screen with your related business logo, pictures, video clips (if you have them), motion graphics and most importantly a CALL TO ACTION.  The green screen videos can be up to 1 minute each.

On location video shoots

Do you want more than a green screen video? No problem. We can shoot anywhere in the world you would like. We have talent and connections across the globe.  The only question is your budget.  To discuss more robust projects give us a call.

Green Screen YouTube Video Examples

Here are a few examples of a green screen videos we made for local companies. They have used these videos to promote themselves in YouTube as well as their social media and on their websites. To see more of our work, visit our YouTube channel.

Real Estate Agent Video Business Card - Green Screen - Vertical Business Card

Acupuncture - Video Business Card - On Location

Mindset Coach - Video Business Card - Green Screen

SEO - Case Study - 3 Video Business Cards

In this case study see 3 examples of video business cards and see how quickly they effected clients SEO efforts. Read SEO - Video Case Study

How it works

  • Contact us to schedule a FREE consultation.
  • Work with to determine the focus of your videos. Are you selling a product? Promoting an event? Offering a service? Whatever your goals, will help you craft a campaign that produces real results.
  • Once video topic(s) / campaign goals are established, we work with you to write scripts, gather visual assets, select music.
  • Schedule time(s) to visit the green screen studio and shoot your video. Video shoot includes two camera angles and each 1 min video takes about 1 hour to record.
  • edits your video(s) and shares with you for review. We allow 2 rounds of edits if needed.
  • We deliver your video(s) in HD format via FTP or Dropbox, which ever you prefer.
  • BONUS: will promote your videos in it's social network of over 14K followers and numerous FB groups.

Green Screen Video Packages
Get 1 FREE video with First Order of 3 or More.

  • 1 one minute green screen video: $399 

  • 3 one minute videos package: $1,197.00 

  • 6 one minute videos package: $2,394.00 USD 

  • *Onsite location video options are available. Contact us to discuss your needs.

Frequently asked questions


Are there any "licensing fees" or royalties for the videos you make?
No. Videos are produced as a work for higher, and once delivered, the video is 100% yours to do with as you like. However, there may be additional fees for stock photography, stock video clips, royalty free music etc. reserves the right to use your video in whole or a portion for promotional purposes as needed.

Can we space videos over a couple months?
Yes. We can schedule to shoot your videos at a rate of at least 1 per month.

Can we shoot on location vs green screen?
Yes. However, additional fees for travel, set up and crew will apply.

We want video, but no one here wants to be on camera, do you have actors who will be our spokesperson?
Yes. We can arrange for an actor be your spokesperson. Additional fees will apply.

Can you help conceptualizing and writing a script.

Can we shoot all of our videos at one time?
Yes, assuming you have all scripts and related visual assets ready to go, we can record all of your videos at the same time.

What format do you shoot in?
Generally speaking we shoot in HD 1920x1080 horizontal. If you need something special, let us know.

Can you make a DVD or Blu-ray of our videos?
Yes. Additional fees apply.

Can we get better pricing if we order more than 6 videos.
Maybe. It depends on the scope of work, length of script, number of camera angles, etc. Call to discuss your project.

We want YouTube exposure but do not have a YouTube channel. Can you host on your YouTube channel?
Certainly. But, it's better for you if you have your own YouTube or other video hosting channel.

Can you help up set up a YouTube channel?
Yes. We can help set up and OPTIMIZE your YouTube channel. Additional fees may apply.

I have more questions not answered here.
Ok, just contact us and we will be happy to answer your questions.

Additional SEO Services

SEO Web Design

Good SEO starts with a steamlined web design and architecture that is also optimized for mobile. To that end, we build custom solutions on a variety of popular content management systems such as Joomla, Wordpress, etc.  View some of our web design samples here and contact us to discuss your SEO web design needs. Learn More>>

SEO Content Marketing

Quality content engages users, enhances your brand and increases your search engine ranking. At we help you increase your search engine ranking with unique, data driven custom content marketing strategies, copywriting, custom grahics, photography and Youtube video production / optimization.  Contact us to learn more about our content marketing services.

Off-Site SEO

Once you have a mobile ready, seo web design and hiqh quality content on your site, you need to share your content on your social branded network and build an audience of engaged follower.  We can help you establish an optimized branded network, create content, and build your audience.  To learn more contact us for a free consultation.