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Product Photography

People love hi-res product photography


People LOVE photographs. They especially love hi-res, quality photography of products..

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We offer a full suite of product photography for all types of products. We are also an approved contributor on ShutterStock.com

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Product Photography Samples

People LOVE photographs. They especially love hi-res, quality photography of products. A great photo might be worth a 1,000 words, but more importantly it may be worth a 1,000 shares and a 1,000 sales!

  • 001
  • 1-a
  • 1-chocolate-syrup-heart-rasberry
  • 1-necklacewithflower
  • 3-2kangaroowhite
  • 4-2bracletwhite
  • 4-handblownglass-1
  • sculpture-head-italy


We offer a full suite of product photography for all types of products, whether it is a small piece of jewelry, table top objects, a refrigerator, car, real estate or windmill. We also provide people, places and pet photography. We can shoot on-location or at our studio. The choice is yours.

How it works

Choose whether you want on-location or studio photography.

  • If on location, we come to your location, set up a light booth and begin work.
  • If studio, send products to us, or we can pick up for a fee. *Pick up is preferred for verification of inventory.
  • In either case, once photographs are produced, we create a digital proof sheet. You choose which photographs you want processed.
  • We process photos and deliver final product as a ZIP file with high resolution images inside.

Example of processing photo and lite Photoshop touch up.

  • 1-240
  • 2-240-1-coloradjusted
  • 3-240--2-pointstotuchup
  • 4-240--3-final

Example of white seamless, transparent background (clipping path), black and custom Photoshop backgrounds.

  • 1-blackseamless
  • 2
  • 3-blackseamless
  • 4-custombk


Generally speaking, a single table-top product photographed on white seamless background at our studio costs $35 and includes processing. Processing means cropping if needed, lite color correcting / enhancement, sharping and conversion to a 300 DPI JPEG. *Touch up, transparency masks, and custom backgrounds are extra. Minimum order is 10 photographs. Cost may vary depending on the location of the shoot (your office or other off-site location, advanced processing such as transparent backgrounds, retouching, shinny metallic objects, group product photos, background, non-standard artistic styling, concept photography, etc.) For a specific pricing, request a quote.

License - Royalty Free - Work for hire

All of our work is "Royalty Free - Work for hire", which means you hire us to take the photograph. After that you can use the image anyway you deem fit such as for your catalog, e-commerce website, memes, personal use, print, derivative works, etc. However, we reserve the right to use of the work for our portfolio and marketing.

ShutterStock.com - We are an approved contributor!

My latest images for sale at Shutterstock:

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