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Youtube SEO Marketing

Youtube SEO Marketing Works!

Did you know that by just creating even simple YouTube video you TRIPLE your chances of being found in Google? It's true. YouTube videos can be found in standard Google search, Google video search and, of course, YouTube search. If for no other reason than tripling your potential exposure in Google, all companies concerned with search engine optimization and brand marketing should have an ever growing YouTube channel. Additionally, combining YouTube Marketing with your SEO web design, and an advanced, automated, branded social network quickly pushes your videos and related web pages into the top ten of the search engine results pages (SERP) for long-tail and geo targeted search phrases. This white hat, ethical approach to SEO / YouTube marketing produces consistent results for our clients and Serr.biz. It is also possible to attain top ranking in Google search, Google video search and YouTube search for short, competitive phrases if you optimize and brand market effectively. Watch our YouTube SEO video above to understand what the basic search engine optimization strategy is and how it works.

YouTube Marketing Starter Package

To see how our YouTube SEO starter package works, watch the video above. The starter package includes the following:

  • Consultation with you to determine goals, objectives of your YouTube channel / videos.
  • Initial keyword research
  • Refinement of YouTube seo marketing goals
  • Custom YouTube SEO marketing strategy based on refined goals / objectives and keyword goals
  • Set up of a YouTube Channel (or SEO review of your current channel)
  • Creation of 30 second YouTube video (Up to 10 still photography montage with sound and voice over)
  • Upload and optimization of YouTube SEO video
  • Set up, or review, of current social media distribution network
  • Optimization of social media distribution network
  • Set up of AUTO distribution of your YouTube SEO videos to social branded network
  • Basic training of how to use your optimized YouTube SEO and social branded network

How long does it take to set up my custom YouTube SEO starter package?

If starting 100% from scratch, it takes about 40 hours to set up your brand new YouTube SEO channel, social branded network, create first video.

If you have a YouTube channel already, the time it takes to conduct an seo review of your channel, then optimize it, create video, review/optimize your social branded network, and create first optimized 30 second video takes between 20-30 hours.

How much does the YouTube SEO marketing starter package cost?

Our starter package cost $899.00 USD. If you already have a YouTube channel, contact us for a free estimate.

Who owns YouTube Channel, related social networks brand channels and content?

You do.

Got any results to prove your YouTube SEO marketing claims?

Yes. Search the following phrases below in Google, and look for the following websites and or videos. *To get unbiased results, be sure to switch to INCOGNITO in CHROME or PRIVATE mode in Firefox before searching.

Our Youtube SEO client success! You can also check out blog for the most recent successes as well.

  • "Saint Michaels Sandals" - Look for CBOstyle.com ( Youtube SEO client) and more St Michaels MD success!
  • "Maryland Antique Appraiser" - Look for Peenstra Appraisals (Youtube SEO client)
  • "Annapolis Antique Appraiser" - Look for Peenstra Appraisals
  • "Salisbury Antique Appraiser" - Look for Peenstra Appraisals.
  • "Baltimore Antique Appraiser" - Look for Peenstra Appraisals.

Serr.biz LLC website YouTube SEO marketing results

  • "Maryland YouTube seo" - Look for Serr.biz
  • "Annapolis YouTube SEO" - Look for Serr.biz
  • "Maryland video business card" - Look for Serr.biz
  • "Annapolis video business card" - Look for Serr.biz
  • "video marketing Maryland" - Look for Serr.biz
  • "video marketing Annapolis" - Look for Serr.biz

Did you find the results suggested? Good!

How do I get started with YouTube seo marketing?

Easy! First, contact us to discuss your goals.
However, in general the process works like this. We build your advanced, branded social media network including setting up / optimizing your YouTube channel. We create your first YouTube marketing video and through an automated process, we have the video and related article on your website distributed to your branded social network. After that, you can retain our services to continue making more videos, or simply add more videos you make to your YouTube channel and the system does the rest. To get started with full service Youtube SEO marketing call us at 917.435.0662 M-F 9am-5pm.

Contact us now to start >>

Advanced YouTube SEO marketing Services

Once the basic package is established, to be truly effective, we strongly recommend committing to a regular publishing schedule, advanced marketing of your seo YouTube channel and search engine optimized videos. There are numerous opportunities available to increase your video views ( a major factor in how well your videos rank), increase your subscribers, cross linking, 3rd party social promotion, customization and direct publication of your video, etc. To learn more about our advanced marketing services, Contact us now >>

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